Winterjól Festive Dragon Official Discussion Thread


also, why Elemental Barrier / Bubble , Arcane Aegis etc have really short cooldown and Moonshroud have 8 seconds ?? simply usless. No worth 1 sigils. Pity, because the Artwork is fantastic


Not necessarily. I don’t know about you but I can roll two fingers on the same tower extremely fast. The limit here is the tablet or games touch delay…

I will also mention that often hammers vs hunters lose the war of attrition, but ammo limits are why you don’t kill it fast enough.

Unlimited ammo basically allows 10 finger tap if you want. Try to heal all those towers. I’m not certain it works out but it’s definitely got a chance.

It will come down to if you can kill fast enough or not. When sollarvolley is combined with starburn it should work well.


@PGPulse could you please enlighten us about Solar Volley? How much damage does a single SV fireball do compared to a regular fireball? How is the 6% damage to surrounding towers applied?

Is there a way to tweak those spells (including Moonshroud) which make the dragons neither viable nor fun, even though they are suppose to be at least fun, as it is described as a Festive?

Thank you in advance :hugs:


Sure, but farms can easily take 6 normal shots to kill, which equals 20 gimped Solar Flare shots. Possible but not easy to fit between two hammers falling, and certainly harder than 6 normal shots.

And 6 normal shots on four farms is just about possible with normal recharge rate as well, so literally any hunter can still do that. To have added value, you would need to manage at least 30 shots per farm between hammers (1-2 seconds with multiple defenders). Maybe you can do that, I sure can’t.

With starburn it gets a bit better, but that requires a very specific setup where there are just enough damage towers left to drop them to 75% but not enough to kill them. In that specific niche, this dragon might sorta work as a clean up, if still poorly compared to pretty much any other hunter out there.


If my iPad can handle it, I can do 10+ taps per second between two fingers. With 3 seconds between hammers that’s doable if all the touches are picked up. And again the war of attrition. Often each heal is falling behind but ammo limit is why it doesn’t die. It might well not work out but it has potential as a follower. I’d certainly add hunter attack runes to it as every percent will make all the difference. A small phone screen may not work well for “rolled fingers”


Lumina lv12 // NO rider or runes // +30% ATK and HP by consumables
ATK 1.39M // HP 12.2M (with researchs but Without consumables )
ATK 1.12M // HP 10.12M ( BASE STATS by war dragon manager )

Without Light Speed ==> 1 Fireball = 864101 damage
With Light Speed ==> 1 Fireball = 518460 damage

i have the clip but idk how to post


Thanks! I can’t really line the number up with either formula yet. But then again I’m not sure if Light Speed had the same 70% damage reduction or a different number.

If it’s not too much to ask, could you perhaps do another run without the +30% consumable, and tell me what the damage is then? Ideally both with and without Light Speed again.

Although I should probably just have a bit more patience and just run tests on a low-level S&H instead with the actual spell. I’ll probably get it up to orange anyway for looks and to make the temple event middle easier.


As of 4.94:

Lightspeed is 1 rage, 6 second cooldown, 5 second duration, same explosion damage radius, 5% of max hp explosion, 75% cost reduction of ammo, 40% reduced attack power reduction (unsure if this is base or max attack)

SolarVolley was updated since 4.94, so I won’t list those values. The values in the official communication should be correct.


The 6% is dealt via explosion damage in a radius.

Each fireball attack does 30% of the Modified attack per shot with Solar Volley activated.

For the mythic glyph, the increase in upgrade changes will only be on the secondary effect.

One of us, meaning PGCrisis or I, will edit it at some point. It should be 4% - 8%


Well, at least it makes my choice for this Season so much easier.
Finish Gunnar, get Astrid, get the festive egg and possibly Hildr’s egg as trophy. Thanks! :blush:


Skoll and Hati video from the official WD YT channel:

I mean why please explain why such a beautiful dragon have such a bad spell kit :persevere:
I’m definitly getting their red egg beacause they look awesome unless you at PG change something with the spells to make him better i won’t even consider getting him.
I’m telling everyone on my team to not get him he’s not worth all those sigils

PS: Pg art team always on top. Thanks for making so beautiful dragons :grin:


Wasn’t me, but I wonder if someone meant to bookmark it?:man_shrugging:t3:


Such wasted potential for twin wolf-dragons…


Yeah right, when i saw him i was like OMG TWIN DRAGONS THEY LOOK SICK

Spell kit: OMG why just why :persevere::worried:


The only solution here is recycling, everything apart the looks. And please PG, Don’t be afraid of releasing another Necryx, it’s even good for the business (yes I know it was a discount and not festive but at that time it meant the same thing)


Thanks Eidolon!

That matches the numbers from @ReOdino perfectly. Looks like the 40% reduction is done over everything, so it’s pretty much the worst-case version of the formula. The 70% reduction will go over the top, so every shot will really do just 30% of what it did before Solar whatever was cast.

No hope for this dragon.


Wait. 10 taps, of a fireball that is only delivering 30% of its power. And a big “6%” burst damage. :rofl::rofl::rofl: Wow! This dragon could be the poster child for those that prefer Warriors.:grin: Wait, it’s a conspiracy in the making.:triumph:


Or to put it another way, 12 Snow Blind shots from Gunnar (with an ammo rune or atlas rider) do the same damage as 100 (!) Solar Fail shots. That’s some seriously frantic tapping needed to compensate for the weakness of the shots.

And of course no freeze, no cloak and a heal/rage regain that is twice as expensive as Gunnar’s.


I’ve said it before in another thread and I’ll say it again here:

It should be a crime to burden such a beautiful dragon design with such a bleh spell kit. It’s not even mediocre, it’s just plain BAD. Even the runes are pretty meh.


Skoll and Hati are so beautiful that I’ll be getting them anyway but I’m sad I won’t be able to fly them much because of their terrible spell set. :sob: