Winterjól Festive Dragon Official Discussion Thread


PGGGGGGG FIX THAT DRAGON :dragon: :rage: :rage: :rage:



I mean that they are certainly reading the forum, and if they happened to come across your message, any chance of taking that petition seriously would be void.

(Off-topic : Miles is one of my favourite character, I’m glad someone knew the reference, I love these games! :hugs: )


Not every dragon has to be good or else there would be no balance. Just leave it as is and get it for the looks at red tier. If theykeep introducing better and better dragons every season what’s the point except to benefit the whales that can obtain all the new stuff.


Every dragon being equally good would be the very definition of balance…


What’s fun in this game is having different Dragons which can be fun to fly because they are useful in different situations. A Dragon which is already a disappointment at release doesn’t change balance.


True that is the book definition, but you can’t apply that to a game or it would be stale. Every dragon can’t be useful though, you have to have the good with the bad. Sure, it is a great looking dragon and all but there were pretty good dragons this season already.


Since the Divines cost 31k sigils, they must be strong enough and this dragon is simply rubbish.
Beautiful to see but with a spell set so castrated as to make it almost odiferous.
in my opinion this 2 balances can make the dragon strong enough to respect his status, Divine.
-Moonshroud ==> Decrease its cooldown to 4 seconds
-Replace Soul Devour with Enshroud

Even just replacing Soul Devour with Enshroud, this dragon could become decently strong.
I really hope that you will hear our voice. Bye


Good does not mean the same. Two dragons can be considered good but be remarkably different in flying style. A player should be able to choose a dragon from the season offerings based on their preferred design and style of play without having to give up usability.


I agree that people should be able to pick based on their style but that’s why there are more choices now. If you wanted a good hunter this season there is Gunnar available for you, if not the others are decent enough for divine status. They will clear invader bases for sure and could be a decent follow dragon with no mages present.


When only one or two dragons are good in a season, then everyone is only going to get those dragons while the crap ones will not see anyone’s roster. That, imo, is pretty stale. Everyone is flying the same dragons because no one with a semblance of coherent thought will purposefully go for a trash dragon.

Also, they released Surt, objectively the most powerful dragon in the game right now, but they couldn’t even spare to make the festive decent?


I think it would be easy and quick to make Skoll&Hoti a decent drag and fun to play.
-Moonshroud ==> Decrease its cooldown to 4 seconds
-Replace Soul Devour with Enshroud


Honestly the whole dragon needs a rework. The point of hunters is they can do quick burst damage to take out towers, so the fact that he has a spell that decreases damage is just ridiculous. As long as he has that spell, especially with an 8s cooldown, he won’t be useful on anything but invaders.


I still think it takes only 1 or 2 easy and quick balances to make S&H a decent dragon. ( see above )


I don’t think those changes would make him viable. Better? Yes. Good? No.


Enshroud is a perfect spell for Him ( Enshroud…MoonShroud :slight_smile: )


Oh god no !
Enshroud is bad if sometning like this were to happend i would prefer any kind of cloak but not enshroud :expressionless:


Assume a lot of people buy dragons for fun, not ability. Maybe skoll & hati will cruise on their looks and legends. They might not even need to sell that well, in a season with the Norns and Surt and Gunnar and Astrid.


Look I can see how Ensroud or Cloak would definitely help S&H with rage drains and mage supers but that Solar Volley abosulutely needs a damage increase it’s only do 30% of S&Hs damage during that 3.5-6s spell. What’s the point if casting it when all it can do is clear low level towers.

Also I’d prefer the Soul Devour stay since it does give back rage and health which is very much needed with this dragon.

  • Solar Volley increase damage by 15-20%
  • Moonshroud make it block mage shots and last 3 sec longer with 1 second decrease in cool down.


Solar Volley lasts from 3.5 to 6s with maxed Runes equipped and a fixed cooldown of 8 seconds… How do you obtain that seemingly random number 9? :thinking:


I was under the impression it was 9 seconds?

  • Moonshroud - Active | White | 1 Rage​Upon activation, Dragon spawns a shrouded shield that blocks all incoming elemental damage and heals based on the damage blocked, up to 10% of the Dragon’s Max HP. Spell has a 3 second duration and 8.5 second cooldown.
  • Solar Volley - Active | White | No RageWhile this spell is active, Dragon deals 6% of its Max HP as damage to all towers in range. Dragon’s ammo cost is reduced by 99% (effectively 0) and Dragon’s fireball attack deals 70% reduced damage. Spell has a 3.5 second duration and 8 second cooldown.
  • Soul Devour - Active | Blue | 2 Rage
    Places a buff on the Dragon. For the 5 second duration this spell is active, this Dragon will regain 25% of its Max HP and .75 Rage whenever a tower is destroyed.
  • Starburn - Passive | Yellow
    When Dragon’s HP is lower than 75%, attacks leave a burn on a target that increases the damage dealt to that target by 40%.

Please Note : “Max HP” is the same as Modified HP and is the total summation of the Dragon’s HP from both base stats and modifiers.

Runes and Glyphs:

  • Epic Rune of the Sun: Increases Solar Volley Duration
    • Amount of Duration Increase in Seconds per Upgrade:
      • Base: 0.1
      • 1st Upgrade: 0.233
      • 2nd Upgrade: 0.367
      • Max: 0.5
  • Legendary Rune of the Sun: Increases Solar Volley Duration
    • Amount of Duration Increase in Seconds per Upgrade:
      • Base: 0.5
      • 1st Upgrade: 0.625
      • 2nd Upgrade: 0.75
      • 3rd Upgrade: 0.875
      • Max: 1
  • Mythic Glyph of the Sun: Increases Solar Volley Duration and Hunter Attack
    • Amount of Duration Increase in Seconds per Upgrade:
      • Base: 1
      • 1st Upgrade: 1
      • 2nd Upgrade: 1
      • 3rd Upgrade: 1
      • 4th Upgrade: 1
      • Max: 1
    • Amount of Hunter Attack Increase in Percent per Upgrade:
      • Base: 0.04
      • 1st Upgrade: 0.048
      • 2nd Upgrade: 0.056
      • 3rd Upgrade: 0.064
      • 4th Upgrade: 0.072
      • Max: 0.08

Thought it was +6.5s with all runes/glyphs.

3.5+ 6.5 = 10
Unless it’s not 1s per upgrade on Mythic Glyph?
I think they also messed up Hunter attack from glyph as well