Winterjól Festive Dragon Official Discussion Thread


Unfortunately no, that’s 1 second total for the Mythic (and it’s awful…)

Also this :wink:


That blows. Well at least the dragon isn’t completely useless. I have S&H hit a little above belt Undefended but it does need a damage boost and possibly a way to shield against mage shots even if it’s only for a short time.
I’m not asking for it to clear defended bases but at least be able to clear a kill island and not have all there rage stolen.

I absolutely love the basic attack animation. The Moonshroud, Soul Devour and Solar Volley visuals are sunning and I’d like to keep these spells.
Maybe they can fix Passive Starburn to increase damage a bit more to compensate for lack of damage, add mage block to moonshroud. Or they can increase damage done during Solar Volley so we can actually clear some kills undefended?

What do you think could fix the dragon I mean it works for invader but I’m sure many would like to at least use it for rss hunting (Undefended bases) so it’s not just a red tier collectors item. After all the dragon isn’t free and cost full price.


#FixSkollAndHati :face_with_hand_over_mouth:



Mythic rune is only “1”. The upgrade only increases attack.


The losses are from bases others dragons clear easily above belt (decent not very strong bases).
The few successful attacks are bases far below his level (Weak bases).

Odin says this dragon is trash?

@Odin are you saying this dragon is garbage? If so what would you adjust to fix these dragons?
More damage during Solar Volley?
Moonshroud blocking mage shots?
Or something else entirely?


So can someone show me where PG did a bait and switch? Which PG employee is forcing you to buy the dragon with a sub-optimal skill set? Which update neutered the dragons potency AFTER it was released?

If you don’t think it’s worth 31k sigils, then don’t pay 31k sigils for it. It’s not a difficult concept.


huitzil :man_shrugging:


Sage Sage Sage
Super regenerate

Were you playing this game when Sage was introduced? The hype and disappointment! Classic bait and switch.


Reduce the CD times have a spell that blocks projectiles mage shots like inside moonshroud it works but just throwing that out there good follow up dragon but not like how axi


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I still think there are 2 easy and quick balances that will make this dragon useful to fly (Actually can’t kill well builded Undefend base, trash )
-Moonshroud’s cooldown ==> 8 seconds to 2/4 seconds
-Replace Soul Devour with Enshroud
Mission Complete! Easy and fast @Arelyna


What waiting for?


I agree with you here. They released it as advertised…a beautiful but garbage dragon it was, a garbage dragon it is, and garbage it may always be. It’s just something to not spend sigils on (or to look pretty in your den) . Or in my case, spend enough sigils to get the 8% attack boost for the next great hunter lol.

They aren’t obligated to change this, and you aren’t obligated to getting it. It’s like that fake (but pretty looking) Rolex you buy from a street vendor. You knew it was fake when you paid $10 for it, so enjoy what you get however you want but don’t expect someone to listen when you complain the face isn’t made of real diamond. Or save your $10 and ignore the street vendor.

But yes, it is easily fixed in many of the ways already discussed. Most importantly, boosting that attack power in Solar Volley. After testing it, I found I’d rather not use it because the damage was soooo low I couldn’t kill anything before the skill ended lol.

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Fake flowers have no fragrance…

The lupine siblings are not meant to be strong, so why asking for (demanding) any changes? smh

They look good, I love them. But I don’t expect to see an ostrich fly. Neither should you :hugs:


I was so stupid to wait all season and to get him the moment he was available. I thought damn it it’s a wind again…Always wind… then I realized the spells are totally useless. Now I think if he won’t get fixed in any way I won’t even hatch him…
Next time I will be much more carefully.
PG this spellset is garbage, please don’t ruin my whole season :joy:


Why not use it as a follow?

As for viability, its definitely more of a fun type dragon than something id use to take on war hits


Who says they’re not meant to be strong? It’s a game, a game with an economy, and that means sigils have a certain value, so if something has a certain price one should be able to feel the price was worth what you get.

Besides which this dragon is far from “strong”, it isn’t even decent. It’s just trash. Is it really too much to ask of a 31k sigil dragon not to be trash?


Yeah, that’s what I meant.

when I read that they would have the power against undefended bases, and would need allies to take defended ones, it was clear that these dragons are not going to solo anything, but the invader bases at best.


This isn’t a criticism of someone specific, more a general observation

There seems to be an expectation that every season every dragon should be borderline overpowered, and if it is not as overpowered as the previous one its rubbish.

This is not sustainable. There is just simply no way PG can keep pushing out dragons that fullfill that expectation.

I think it is reasonable to expect that legendary dragons are middle of the road dragons, that fulfill a niche role - they might be good wings, or a decent lead dragon vs a cookie cutter, or they might just be a good farming dragon, or even just a good middle dragon

I would also think it is reasonable to assume the mythics need to be more than just niche dragons - they need to be viable across a large power range and at the very least, be useable as combat dragons vs defended bases.

Please note not the absurdity of Surt, but rather they should have a decent value proposition - as far as I can see Pathox and UVS fulfill that to a greater degree (although UVS can use a slight tweak); most of the previous mythics could be seen in that light, except two – Merkt and Huitzil , which were both flops, the former due to poor skillset, the latter due to a nerf.

The expectation that “its a mythic it should clear defended max bases” is not only wrong, its very very bad for the game.

Lastly, I think the dragon: base balance is off, and it should shift towards a setup where more dragons are needed to clear defended bases – aka instead of the ‘norm’ being 5 flame from 2 dragons, it should need 4-5 on well designed well defended bases attacked by decently flown equal power dragons


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Let us not forget though the most important thing though, that “people will think you’re really cool when they see you flying these dragons that are really hard to fly” - PGLawson