Winterjól Season Preview Notes & Other Streams


The stream notes will be pretty barebones (no misc & first pass through), as I’ve stopped activity in other archival-type threads. We need to see more concrete announcements showing that the game is capable of and committed to retaining long-term players vs chasing a quick buck, or we’ll continue to see some amazing people leave the game, further cutting into the thin thread that the rest of us are hanging onto.

Streams & Official Posts

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Preview Weeks

Official Posts

It’s time for a feast! / Send in the snow! / This Season, Dragons will be in…


  • Week 3: Discount Rider / Week 6 (on the right): Warrior, Rider, Sorcerer / Week 8: Festive Dragon
  • Vanguard+ refers to the new tier’s stone.
  • Structure/Costs are staying the same, as expected, due to the legendaries not getting a new stone.
    • 3.15K sigils for 100% egg token boost & 6.3K for the 125% egg token boost
    • 25K is the full (non-discounted) line’s cost of the first page discount rider
  • There’ll be a festive dragon, and it’ll be the last prize of the season.
  • Riders will likely go back to having gear on the second page.

Release Week (twitch, facebook, YouTube Gaming): Discount Hunter, Sorcerer, Mythic Warrior

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Gunnar: Discount Vanguard Legendary Ice Hunter



  • Snowblind is new and similar to Winter’s Bite on Nollaig.
  • Hunter’s Mark is similar to Spring’s Renewal on Aibrean.

Lore & Portraits

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Hildr: Vanguard Legendary Earth Sorcerer




  • Spear Salvo is similar to Seeker Shots.
  • Static Blast is similar to Earthquake, though with lower damage but longer disable.
  • Spiritual Guardian is similar to Apophet’s Shadow and other (effectively) permanent summons.

Lore & Portraits

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Urd, Verd, & Skuld: Vanguard+ Mythic Ice Warrior

  • will have the new tier’s stone added later in the season
Urd already exists and may be renamed, per Kharnyx on the stream.



  • Alter Fate is similar to Time Shift/Rewind, but it has no limit on the number of usages, though has a much longer cooldown. It’ll jump you ahead enough to skip a short island; you don’t have full control over how long like with Time Shift.
    • When you get too close to the end of the base, it’ll prevent you from hitting the end.
    • The shield works like Explosive Shield but will deal no damage.
  • Time Stop is similar to Dreadful Roar, though applies freeze instead.


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Week 3: Björn, First Page Discount Rider (twitch)

  • starts ~30m in
  • first page 50% off, discounted through January 1, 2019 (end of day)
  • All leveling shards will be on the first page with gear on the second page, must like seasons prior to Duskfall.
  • Stats (numbers) will be released Tuesday. The same goes for gear in regards to whether it’s max rare or upgradeable epic gear.
  • Note that though it says “Veteran,” it’s just for lore purposes, not a Veteran Rider (Terris/Nal).


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Week 6: Legendary Vanguard Warrior, Full-Price Rider, Mythic Vanguard+ Sorcerer

Week 8: Festive Dragon

Cavileris or prospero
Dragon Release Timings + Old Forums Spell Breakdowns

2nd post placeholder for other streams


Amazing job as always on doing the season summary, Sci!


Level 420+ for apocalypse tier. Mythics 450+. Thanks tho Science

Note: Just a guess not a fact


Every seasons will have a mythic warrior now…


Discount hunter looks amazing, and love his portrait, so those spells better be good tomorrow.


Again not disappointed with this PG. this should be the sorcerer season. But they will make everyone to spend to get it as 2nd mythic :triumph:. Well done PG. :dollar: :moneybag: :yen: is all you need. But you don’t realize that slowly you are killing this game because of your greed.


Can’t we have more normal Dragon’s name? SUV?


UVS makes me think of uvetis :see_no_evil:


:thinking: You fits?


I can’t get over the name of the season… and the artwork is not my cup of coffee either.
Thank you, @forScience


Lol what’s gonna be after Apocalypse tier?


The Hellraptor Tier. In loving memory of Hellraptor.


For mythic warrior, do we need three fingers to control where it attack?:thinking:


No, get creative and use your nose and two thumbs for the most fun flying experience :smiley:


I miss the guy. He would have loved these.


Just for clarity will the two main lines be mythic vanguard stats? With the locked dragon reaching new tier?


On a serious note, still not happy with you, PG. You have a lot of issues you’re leaving unaddressed. This is the season you need to start fixing them and winning back our goodwill.

Regarding the theme, dragons, and portrait: They’re fantastic. I love the look of them. I am just hoping you can turn things around so we can enjoy this one.


totally agree that fix existing bug should be highest priority


That would be an amazing passive