Winterjól Season Preview/twitch Rider Notes (2nd post) & Other Streams


It’s the same as last season. I added some extra text.


We didn’t get any spell costs or parameters yet did we? Probably in a monday blog or something?




Something that you guys should check out that’s related to Winterjól:


Omg!!! I stealing this!!!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
Why you posted it that late :see_no_evil:
It can save so much time,lol


Haha sorry… but I dont have to like the season just because you do… spells seems decent but let’s wait for the rage costs for final opinions… I personally feel like they did much better artistically on duskfall… but that’s just my style/looks of dragon preference :grin:


Thx sounded confusing the edit was great


Am pagan. Want now.


Ok, so what is the theme of this season? I’m guessing Norse but not sure.




Norse and Celtic to be exact


can we please change the resist on the hunter to anything else? fire flak or dark?..


I exhausted my resource stash this season. Will go for full egg token branch and festival line.

Make festival dragon fun please.


Festive dragons have historically been for fun drags.
“But wait Lutrus, what about axi?”
That’s just goes to show you how bad summer season was that the festive was the best of the bunch.


Discount Dragon

Anyone know if its discount the entire dragon or discount 1st page?



I believe that the dragon always have full discount, while the rider only the first page.


Entire dragon for 2 weeks only…whatever isnt completed during 2 weeks will go bk to reg price for prizes remaining in the line.

Rider 1st page (which is reverting bk) thank god!


I actually want the sorc with that white earthquake lol


I want any and all Loki references. Also faeries.


Speaking of Norse mythology, can we have dwarves?

A dwarf dragon would be fun to have.