Winterjól Season Preview/twitch Rider Notes (2nd post) & Other Streams


Wasnt dodos kinda dwarfish?


:100:most deff


Since we are slightly off topic and discussing themes I have an idea for a Festive dragon. I think when PG finally decides to throw in the towel they should create a PG dragon. In true PG geeed It will eat gold instead of food to level up. It would be a Sorc, because well, sorcs are useless (also in true PG fashion).

Spell one: the Eternal glitch (White) — Upon casting the game will randomly glitch creating a random effect. This could range between an instant kill or an instant death, and any effect in between.
Spell two: smoke And mirrors (blue) —This spell will make it look as though the dragon is doing something, ie cloak or shoot, but in reality and in true PG fashion it won’t actually do anything.
Spell three: unwanted feature (white): causes any defenders action to be random. Ie can no longer specify towers to SS, hammers may be swords, swords may be shields and shields may be hammers.
Spell four: Pay or loose (passive): there will be a small chance that at any time
During battle the defender will be forced to buy a $1.99 pack or the attacker will instantly 5 flame.


This is by far the best post ,ever on the forums


Except that it won’t really be random… It’ll follow some not terribly long or complicated predictable pattern, and as soon as someone datamines it, people will exploit it. They can run msmersy to burn off the instadeath, for example.


Don’t be such a buzzkill :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Those are normal names to me. Just based upon historic Scandinavian names, and being Swedish, those names sounds perfectly reasonable to me.


IMO, each is. However, all 3 confuses me, how should I call them…


I just totally snorted out snot laughing at this!

By far my favourite forum comment/post ever…EVER


I am interested in sorcerer :grin: by meaning %8 base hp damage on static blast spell, every same level Hildr does same damage on this spell or if we increase its Hp by glyphs, runes, rider , rider gear, this spell’s damage increases or not ?? I ask this question beacuse i got same level season dragons which their hp differs between 12 m and 24 m :grin:


I see the Norns here so far . . .


take the 12 m hp
( without gear,boost and runes) but this will change next year.


Anyone else spend their extra sigils on the egg token bonus like that was left over after getting the 1st page of Gunnar? I was going to do second page too but after noticing that the second page wasn’t 50% off in the beginning i spent the 3150 extra sigils on the egg token bonus line and not the second page is discounted. Wrote in a ticket seeing if they would refund me my sigils since i would have spend them on the second page had it been discounted since the beginning.


It was discounted though. Had you checked the sigil costs you would have figured out it was a misprint :man_shrugging:


Yes i double checked and it was not 50% off. It even said first page 50% off


Mine was discounted even though it said first page only. And I checked the instant they were released :man_shrugging:


Hmm i spent the sigils and force closed the app and fortunately my lag didn’t count the ones i spent. Idk maybe i didn’t look at it carefully but i could have sworn it was only the first page even comparing it to Hildr


I already spent on the first prize of the second page. I guarantee it’s 1/2 price.


It is now yes. I got to sapphire but would have been nice to know in the beginning


It was always 50% off although the text was misleading on release. It also got fixed very quickly (the same night).