Winterjól Season Preview/twitch Rider Notes (2nd post) & Other Streams


Both pages are 50 % off

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:scream: this is not yet updated!!?? :eyes::cry:


I’m going to guess the GPF is busy right now.


I barely know which day, must less week, it is right now :rofl: - it’s on my list after GPF stuff. I was bothering my team today :smiling_imp:

  • updated - some images get overflow hidden by the forums due to being too wide but can be seen in full view - can see the main content anyway

  • @PGCrisis Veteran Raider makes me think of the veteran riders like Terris and Nal, but I’m guessing that it’s just naming instead of increased stat/gear implications?

  • Also! What’s the green dragon?


I’m gonna have to go with “Rhaegal”.


Interesting. The portrait seems quite toned down compared to the last couple seasons. I like that, makes things more varied visually. Am I correct in seeing that there are only two portraits rather than the usual four?


Three static - the third is shown first, so I didn’t add a copy at the end, and the fourth is animated, which is never previewed.


Any clue as to stats vs Lorenzo?


Stats are always Tuesday/blog post.


That’s why I asked for clues :eyes::mag:


Crisis isn’t easily tricked :stuck_out_tongue:


skinshifts into the form of @PGCrisis

It is indeed just a flavorful naming convention. Bjorn has seen scores of bloody raids, all in the name of his jarl - but now he’s be ready to share his years of experience by protecting your hearth.

returns to normal form


Quick question. Dose anyone know how much the rider’s first half of the line will cost in total with the 50% discount?

Thanks in advance.


Around 3.1k sigils or so. 6.3k without discount.


Thanks so much!


I wish all rider first page are discounted :wink:


Correct, this was just a name that Art and Design gave to Björn as his subtitle, kind of like “Fiend Slayer” for Kayla or “The Dread Hunter” for Oksana. Björn is not a veteran Rider.

Haha, I dunno! It was always a part of our stream assets so I sort of kept it around. I like the lil guy. :smile:



Time to push for an addition to the game :speak_no_evil: