Winterjól Season Preview/twitch Rider Notes (2nd post) & Other Streams


Wait, so does this mean that we weren’t supposed to be using Oksana exclusively to hunt Dread?


I saw Raider…instantly, awesome! They didn’t discount the lame defensi…hey, wait a second…jokes on me I guess.

Shoulda called it “Retired Raider”…


:thinking: You have a point - not very raider-y sitting on a perch all day.


He’s the lonely raider… the other raiders didn’t want to pick them for their teams so he had to stay at home and hold down the fort… Poor guy :cry:


Have you seen how the sapphire mythics thrash about on a perch? These poor riders are on a bucking bronco 24/7 vs the lazy offensive riders that just stand there waving their arm while the dragon does all the work. Kayla probably just flies off on her own once the dragon she’s on goes down


If you had a screen shot you might get those sigils back…as it is we’re both in the same boat


Bjorn stats released?? It is a defensive rider, correct? Might not want to get him just because he is a defensive.




Björn stats from @PoseidonPQ twitter :wink:


The construction time reduction is very nice for those without Atlas!

Will have to see the skill tree for the rest, I assume we can’t actually get all of the attack and hp boosts at the same time.


I am just working on the atlas rider😒


Looks pretty much like Tanok… of course a discount rider cannot be as good as Lorenzo, I sensed it


Best change of heart I ever had going for Lorenzo after deciding against it early on.


Does anybody know what tha Winterjol festive calendar is ?
Picture is from @ShadowsOfBirds instagram page :thinking:


More news tomorrow… :shushing_face:


Tanok vs Bjorn, which is better?


Is it about release of the festive dragon? :pleading_face:


Hahahhahahahhahaha i hate secrets :joy::joy::joy::joy:
No seriously thanks for the answer Crisis :wink:


If you don’t have Atlas: Bjorn, for the construction bonus.

If you do have Atlas: They look pretty much the same, but we won’t know for sure until we see the skill tree and know how much you can max out the skills.


Favorite dragon of the season?