Winterjól Season Preview/twitch Rider Notes (2nd post) & Other Streams


Not sure if it’s been posted or if it’s the right thread but in case anyone didn’t see:


There is a mistake in the rider slide. The rider does not buff mill storage capacity.

Also Kharnyx said that the lore will represent their spells.


True it’s not mill storage but dragon xp increase

Clarification: it spoils some of what the spells are, not specifically here but in general (wasn’t something new)

And like usual, spells are tomorrow


Hopefully they dont give Y’all Berserk, though I also have 0 hope of it actually being good. They seem to refuse to make an actual good legendary seasonal warrior or sorcerer


Oh man the dragons and portraits are beautiful.


Agreed! The all look amazing! Love the look of the whole season :smiley:


I really like the hammerhead dragon. And the other one looks great, too. (but the hammerhead looks dumb which makes it even cuter) :heart_eyes:


I feel like I have seen something before that looks like the sorcerer. Anyone put a finger on it?

EDIT: FOUND IT. Look at the top image in the thread.

We knew what the dragon was gonna look like all along!


Wow! PG gave it away and we didn’t even know. Maybe the app icon’s current dragon might either be the festive hunter or be a dragon in the Empyrean tier


Well, it means that the name is no longer a secret then


Im gonna wait for the festive :grin:


Gameplayer factions smile reading the assumptions about upcoming seasonal drags. They know but couldn’t tell :joy:


Have they dropped the spell set yet?


No 8 - 9 hours and they will be released


Look at the lore…


friday, Junuary 4th at 3:30pm
so in Italy what time would it be?


Pretty sure it will be 12:30am on January 5th in Italy.

Spells will be revealed today, minus the rage costs, percentages, etc. They will be over on our YouTube Gaming channel at around 3:30pm PT.

And oh man…those screenshots… :grimacing:


Here is Friday 4
It is 18:30 but there is no video :confused:


She just said 0:30, lol


She meant 31 minutes after 23:59