Winterjól Season Preview/twitch Rider Notes (2nd post) & Other Streams


Anyone else notice that there is a fire sword thing on Surt’s (the mythic sorcerer) head? The handle and the guard blends in though so it’s a little hard to see.


Hehe, good eye :eyes:


when in doubt, use a converter
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So we have Suture and Gnarly, but still no Loki… Sigh I guess it was too much to hope… I’ll wait for the festive. If it’s indeed the Dragon we see in the game app thumbnail it’s pretty and it reminds me of Ôkami, a beautiful game I loved playing. Also previous Dragons like Tarand and Ursa, but mostly Amy :blush:


I’m guessing that’s Surt’s weapon. In norse mythology Surt usually used a flaming sword to kill his enemies so Im pretty sure that’s it. Though this Surt will probably not have any use for it


A flaming sword is great, but taped to his head like a big L is kinda weird. Not really wielding it at that point, is he? A pander to the unicorn faction?


Who would have thought that promising sorc since a long time of lackluster ones is Mythic .__.


I’m hoping it kinda floats. It’s my feeling during battle the sword will float around the head and do animations as it attacks and ya. Agreed that on the head is kinda weird


Ya can’t forget about Odin, the god of Ravens.


Odin won’t appear either, we only have one festive dragon left to be revealed and they generally don’t match the theme of the season, so no Odin unless they introduced it in any future Unobtanium tier…


Couple quick screengrabs for spells from today’s stream. White explosive shield! Yay!


Jotun + Pathox + Axi = Jarl?


Excited for Tarand reboot tbh.

@Bambam27 @ZestyNoob Get in on this, yo!


Rather than Tarand, I’m seeing upgraded Amarok. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

@PGJared , have any opinion?


You mean Lethal Barrier 2? :eyes:

Thanks but not for me. I have learned what happens to white shield Dragons. They get nerfed badly. Not to mention it’s a warrior :see_no_evil:

Still waiting for the festive :grin:


Surt will be a really good follow dragon. Idk if any of these drags are leads tho


Same spells ugghh just new names :roll_eyes::man_shrugging:t2:


I think it might have potential if the exploding could stun towers. Maybe.


While the warrior looks really cool, i think I’ll finish Gunnar, the Egg Token branch, and then save up the rest of my rubies and chests for next season’s mythic hunter.


Think of Chimerak’s shield with 3x HP, and 80% extra damage.
It’s red in the game files. However, it can change.