Winterjól Season Preview/twitch Rider Notes (2nd post) & Other Streams


If it’s red, given how the dragon itself has no burst damage ability; it’ll probably be a babystomper.

Also would need an ice flak check, possibly. :disappointed:


Can we have adaptive flak resist on Jarl instead please @Arelyna @PGCrisis


Thanks for the tag, told y’all white shield be coming back. Shield is a warriors powerhouse and white explosive is great, if it wasn’t darn 4%… :pensive:


I +1 this

Unless his shield stops mage ss, I dont see him getting much done other than marking kill island towers. Turn corner, get rage drained, die because his resist sucks

I wonder if P Flames + Death’s Door can stack or not


@Arelyna @PGCrisis

  1. Is the storm shield the same as Jotun’s?
  2. If it’s not, how far is the difference?


I think Surt is looking really good. It will depend on rage costs obviously, and what percentage of HP his Ragnarok deals, but he has the potential to be the best dragon of the season.


I’d probably be the idiot that starts tapping with surt instead of swiping, not that that getting it of course.


You probably wouldn’t be the only one :rofl: Hunter style body on a sorcerer would confuse me too.


Well, I feel that tapping with a sorcerer when you only have one tower left seem to shoot faster than swiping, so I sometimes tap with Kinn… 🤷 For Invader mostly :joy:


The warrior feels a bit samey tbh. I mean it’s a warrior with a shield and with regenerate. Sure the ability to increase damage from all sources is a nice twist but I don’t see him punching above his weight or lasting beyond his tier. Decent for a warrior don’t get me wrong but I don’t see anything that’s wowing me. A very safe dragon when your taking things close enough to your level. Impossible beyond a certain stat check

The sorcerer looks fun though. I don’t think it’s going to be op. Hell it kinda looks like a corthanak rework. Aoe nuke and rage regain. But I do like the fact that it isn’t just a one button wonder. Though I am curious how good he will actually be in practice. No control over the initial nuke (I would assume storm or red mage priority here) means that it might be tricky to get ragnarok off. This says to me that the white one shot is going to be low cooldown and low rage/no rage. Something you combine with the healing spell in order to stay alive until ragnarok.

I see him as a follow more than a lead. And I get the feeling the cooldown on his white spell will be what makes him viable or not (that and it’s priority though I expect it’s spell flux’s)


Festive dragon it is! :+1:t2::partying_face:


Best dragon this season seems so far to be Gunnar. Not OP but good


I’d argue gunnar is op tbh


I have Gunnar and I’m happy with him, he does seem a bit weak at lower levels compared to Prospero. At least for me at level 86, i won’t get to benefit from his increased vanguard stats.

I won’t be able to get Surt…

As for Jarl
I think he is good and looks cool but I’m gonna wait for festive.
It only costs me 9.9k sigils to get Hilder/Jarl/Festive to Platinum.


Looking at Jarl’s spell set, it seems he will just be another ordinary warrior but I will wait to pass judgement until we can see pillaging flames. Surt spells sound awesome and great combo for a sorcerer. Going to wait on the festive to decide to finish Gunnar and save or finish Gunnar and pick up a second dragon. Next question is will the festive be a hunter to round out the season with 2 hunters, sorcerers, and warriors or will it be another warrior to finish out the rotation of hunter, sorcerer, and then warrior?


I wouldn’t put too much hope on the warriors persistent flames spell. It will work exactly like malefic breath. … :joy:


It looks like a Leos with the shield divided into two spells, a slight explosive damage and unconditional damage boost and slightly less desirable resist imo…


Didn’t rumor say the festival dragon is a hunter?


Rumors say a lot of stuff. Rumors said that this week was going to be breeding. While I personally think it will probably be a hunter, some people think there is a pattern of 2 of each class each season yet they forget last winter we had 3 warriors


I personally think all will be good dragons: Jarl and Surt.
But I want to see if Festive is worth getting. If it’s a Hunter I’ll probably get it since Hunters are my second favorite, first being Sorcerer’s. If I had enough rubies to get Surt I’d get him without hesitation but sadly I’m stuck with Gunnar/Björn and Festive/Hilder this season.

Since we don’t have discount on wave two I’ll just wait till festive dropped to see what my options are. If wave two was discounted I’d absolutely get Jarl.