Winterjól Season Preview/twitch Rider Notes (2nd post) & Other Streams


I find him super disappointing. Once again PG comes up with a warrior that had potential and then just said “meh, he’s not a hunter so who cares”. Even if there isnt an ice flak to wipe the shield out, he has no way to stop rage drain or to gain that rage back. Fire flak is a hit or miss resist since not everyone has one but dark flak is one you can count on everyone having and will tear him apart when he has no rage for his shield.
Adaptive Resist or Adaptive Flak Resist would have been a much better option for him.

Pillaging Flames I dont think is a particularly good spell for a warrior unless it ends up increasing damage taken by 50% or more or gives some other additional effect. If it’s the same 20% as Death’s Door or 33% of Lion’s Rage then he’s basically not going to get much done other than applying some burns for a follower.

This season it feels like they’re just remaking dragons from the last few seasons and they’re not even going with the good ones to remake


If by rumor you mean gamefiles, then yes, it currently shows a festive Hunter, but that doesn’t mean it can’t change. But i doubt they will change the class if they were going to make adjustments.


Afterlife teir :joy:


Honestly the sorcerer looks initially very disappointing. Against a defended base it’s gonna do nothing. I haven’t seen the statistics but for the dragon to be any bit viable it’ll need.

  • magically, incinerate needs to be able to go through storm shield

  • burning hatred needs to be 0 rage and give a good amount of rage back.

  • ragnarok needs to basically be a Devine fireball.

Even then the dragon will still struggle. Just hope they don’t make it suck.


Not sure if I saw a leak or not but the festive dragon is looking mildy disappointing at least for me.


Oh nvm I guess Odin already made a video on it.:man_shrugging:


Cheer up guys. Summerflare was horrible, duskfall amazing and winterjol seems to be heading same way as summerflare. If the pattern continues spring will be fantastic


What’s the spells on the festive?


When the stats come out ?? thx @Obliterkate


Storm Shield ( spell scaling affected ) seems Shield Blast ( the spell on Stormheim ). Absorb all damage and then explode…


uhh i have absolutely no idea

@JackWiIder go dig in the game files :rofl:


Check Odin’s video, not sure where he got info from, though.


Spell infos from Poseidon 's twitter

If i did my math correctly Astrid has:
DF Resist +3
IF Resist + 3
FF Resist +7
Dragon Atk +14
Dragon HP +14
XP + 7


Uh cooldowns and rage costs seem a bit high, don’t they? :v


I’m not an expert but they seem fair


Looking forward to watch Surt gameplay :muscle::muscle::muscle:


Surt has potential. But no way I’m getting enough sigs for him :joy:


I was really excited for the sorcerer, it had a lot of potential. But with incinerate being random with a 6 second cooldown, I can’t see it as a viable dragon at all. If it doesn’t hit the red mage or if you can’t take out the storm then red mage, you’re dead in the water.

Edit: although as it was pointed out to me, as a follow, this dragon is stupid strong. Lol :man_facepalming:


Yeah, AoE death gaze, random death gaze and white super sacrifice.
Super ultra over power


Corth 2.0 :eyes: