Winterjól Season Preview/twitch Rider Notes (2nd post) & Other Streams


Loved how they changed warrior rune/glyphs name of regenerate to mending. So you can’t equip it on others :joy::joy:


It’s still affect regenerate but the name is different you can definitly use it on other dragons that has regenerate.


Spell flux is random too but has priorities on some towers, i guess incinerate has the same priorities.
Anyway we’ll find out when it’s realeased


Are you sure? Why changing the name of it though? :exploding_head:


Okay surt as potential now. Definitely the best clean up drag in the game. And will have to see how he is as a lead.


Different rune name means it can be applied along with other runes that buff regenerate so it’s actually a good thing if it works correctly.


if this guy would be a hunter would be a beast


See it says increases regenerate healing so it affects regenerate


I didn’t mean it doesn’t affect regenerate, just if it will be transferable. But if it works that’s what matters anyway :+1:


Does Jarls shield prevent dark flak stun or still get stunned with it active?


Oh my bad then :sweat_smile:
I’m pretty sure you can put it on other dragons with regenerate


Ragnarok looks like a mult- death gaze. Would it kill all towers before a storm tower’s super shot goes into effect?


Depends on how fast the spell shoots. They vary quite a bit in speed

But in all reality if there is a red and storm on the island, the incinerate is probably your best bet to start off the island. If you can’t get the red mage down, your ragnarok will be useless.


Incenerite Must be random.
If not, Surt is simply unstoppable even vs a triple defended base with 200 towers lv75


Ice flak ss+red+storm/earth flak are my best bet to beat Surt


He totally can be beated just have to be smart while defending :grin:


Ice flak = dead surt


I think Surt can be pretty good as lead too🤔

If you’re afraid of the rage drain, you can just take on all the SS and then use burning hatred to restore 3 rage and start healing destroying towers…

On kill island start with incinerate to try your luck and then follow with burning hatred to gain the rage you probably lost with supershots. Kill some towers to restore health (red mage if not killed) and happy ragnarok to everyone (if not dead yet)


If the defenders are smart, they will wait to activate the mages until Surt has already used hatred to regain rage. You’ll lose one tower from incinerate, but then he will die fast.


If the speed of incinerate is slower than the storm activation he will be toasted. You will not be able to kill red, incinerate is cooling down. Even with the resist 6 sec against flakas he won’t survive.

Against undefended bases though, he will be a machine