Winterjól Season Preview/twitch Rider Notes (2nd post) & Other Streams


Wallet tier


But anyways why do we have 3 mythic warriors in a row of all things. -.-


No rider?


Not announced yet I guess.


said there will be two, discounted and other


393 legendary. 417 mythic.


Woah. Four things:

  1. The name is…not great. Unless I am missing what Jol means it is a terrible name for a season.

  2. Winter Dragons! YAY! My favorite of the 4 seasons and last winter had no actual ice or snow or winter themed dragons.

  3. Break from the mythic line. Since seasons began it has been sorc -> warrior -> hunter -> sorc -> warrior -> hunter -> sorc -> warrior -> hunter and warrior -> now. This season’s primary and maybe only mythic is a warrior, not a sorc. That means 2018 has had 2 hunters, 3 warriors, and only 1 sorc. PG stop playing with your patterns.

  4. I like the lore. When I got into the game the blackbloods were still a minor thing. I saw the last run of the blackblood assault thing event, and it was right after the first season with all the blackblood dragons. Nice to see them sticking with lore.

All in all, pretty general and minor thoughts about the season, and some not terribly important. The big thing has nothing really to do with the season, but there better be major step ups to gameplay, and I really mean major.


Jól is an old Nordic word. The modern one is “jul” and means Christmas in Norwegian, Swedish and Danish. The season name is basically “Winter Christmas”


A friend of mine drew the comparison between the season theme and the impending doom known as Ragnarok. Interesting you made the same one :rofl:


Playing with the patterns cause no one wants to pay for a sorcerer :joy:


inb4 costs increase again :smiley:


They don’t really for a warrior either. And they can’t just not have sorcerer mythics anymore.


Not until next season, new stone = new cost… the mythic itself might cost 3-5k more though


Mythic Warriors have actually been ok for their tiers. Afterwards yeah not so much. And i like warriors for my perches so they still have a use later.


They are also worse unless you are paying for their max tier and using them at it.


The mythic warrior would have been a very good design for a sorc… 3 heads mean each one only shoots 1 of the 3 of those sorc fireballs. Other sorcs have a difficult time deciding how to split its normal attacks. 1 head:3 targets :joy::joy::joy:

An exception would be some dual headed ones like Equestor. But I also heard the left and right heads argue who gets to shoot 2 fireballs every time. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


But what if one of the spells for this warrior is it can damage three buildings at once with its fiery breath :eyes: sounds pretty cool to me. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


Why not Urd, Verd & Turd? At least it’s better and keeps the “urd” sound.


Nice Dragons, I hope spell will be good as they looks.


Exactly what I’m expecting the season to be.