Winterjól Season Preview/twitch Rider Notes (2nd post) & Other Streams


So, no way to dodge mage SS and no rage-free way to regain rage if drained, AND a passive which isn’t even as good as a passive on a divine from last year.



So white elemental barrier and white light speed, just like the leaked information. Does any of the spell utilize the double dragon design?


PG, you need to make Soul Devour white too. That way I machine gun a base down with my mad tapping fingers.


Makes the carpal tunnel worth it


Yes you can now use two fingers to shoot with your hunters!!


:laughing: :wink:


Now the game is balanced: dirt and festive, yin and Yang. Brilliant :rofl:


It should be illegal to make a dragon this pretty with such a crap skillset.


  1. I meant period. Being a festive has nothing to do with it. A dragon that pretty shouldn’t be weighed down with a bad skill set (my opinion, but one that seems to be shared by at least a few others!)

  2. My Coatl chews up and spits out invader bases, and in that sense he rocks.


Festives are put out to be pretty and not necessarily powerful.
They are fun rather than competitive.

So to say it being a festive has nothing to do with it is arguing the whole point of the festive in the first place.

“Why doesn’t a car float on the water”
“It’s not meant to float”
“Well it should be illegal to build a car that doesn’t float”


I won’t. 3 are better…
How many taps a reasonable human can do in 9 seconds?


6 a second x 3 fingers x 9 seconds, so like 162?


It was a joke.

I switch between 3 and 2 with Mafic and Lumina for the front/back of islands. I’m able to clear all 10 towers before lightspeed wears off and i am not sure it’s a full 9 seconds long.


I get the sense that you’re missing my point. All I said was that it’s a shame that such a pretty design is being wasted with crap spells. That’s all I said, nothing more.

Additionally, if festives are designed to be useless but pretty, why bother giving them spells at all? Why bother with evolution stones? Just put their egg at the end of a special truncated prize line.


This dragon will be better if PG adds an Auto Tap function.

Make it so!!!


We’ve been asking for another twin dragon for so long, they finally give us one that looks awesome… and its spells are a train wreck. So disappointing

If this is a dragon that’s meant more to be fun rather than to attack defended bases then why is it full price?


I may be the only person desperate enough to get the festive thinking that it is descent. And now that I think about it, I’ve gotten every festive since fall '17 even if they weren’t good. Kirin and Anuba because I was noob and didn’t know anythin about good spell kits, and Axi and Somnus because one was good and the other just looked sick and was descent against long bases at my level.


They’re just saying it’s a beautiful dragon that got wasted because its spellset is shit. Nothing to do with the festive meta. I also have yet to see where in the fine print it says that all festives are required to be shit.


I will get it based on it’s look alone. Who knows it might be decent or even strong.
Having 9 seconds of rapid :fire: might be enough to clear kill islands 🤷 along with Flak Invincibility :yum:
Won’t know till I fly em. But I’ve learned not to take advise on forums based on leaks cuz they are usually wrong about the dragons.
Skoll & Hati get ready to be in my Roster for invader and token missions/quests.