Winterjól Season Preview/twitch Rider Notes (2nd post) & Other Streams


PG changed the spell names just so existing runes cannot be used. Whatever.


Don’t many runes work on other dragons that have different names? Mending/regenerate, hunters/healing mark?

Somehow everyone misunderstands me if I don’t spell it out.
This is a question not sarcasm!


There are only a couple I know of that work across different spell names - I can’t recall what they are off the top of my head. IIRC they are the runes where the NAME of the rune doesn’t match the SPELL it buffs, not where the name of the spells are different and the same rune buffs two different spells.


I would argue it depends on the size of the screen. I can get 8 fingers on the screen of my iPad pro quite comfortably :upside_down_face:

At least I think I can… brb, need to go do some tests with Mafic…

So… did a test. I typically use between 4 and 6 fingers, maybe 7. 8 is just awkward (at least in Atlas, didn’t try in main game) :sweat_smile:


Be careful not to break the iPad then …


I tap gentle :laughing: and since I play with the smart cover keyboard, I’d probably cause my ipad to topple forward if I tapped too hard lol.

But yeah, I’m insanely careful and protective of my iPad, it wasn’t cheap :persevere:


Wow, feel strong and the best of the season !


Really? What part of it feels strong to you?


Strong arms to do 10 taps/s for 9s :eyes:


Best artwork so far :+1:t2:


Solar Volley : with rider and glyphe boost attack, the debuff of damage deal isnt a problem. And if you are low HP the passiv boost your attack…

Moonshround versus flak and fire turret is realy strong

Soul devour into two islands for healing…


red + blue +ice flak + storm + fire flak will defense him efficiently.


he have only one spell blue, rest is white


Of course it is, this is just a repackaged lightspeed spell. The reduced damage makes it a lot easier to hammer through. It’s still a damage boost, but weaker than, say, talon frenzy. And nowhere near Snow Blind or what Prospero has.

It’s just a rebadged elemental barrier, decent enough spell.

With what rage? No way to avoid mage shots and no way to regenerate rage other than this two-rage spell. It will be lucky to have one rage left by the time it reaches any kill island.


Lightspeed spell is Red - Here this is a White spell on Divin dragon (=better dps)
Same for elemental barrier


With 4 rages dropped by red and blue, shield broken by ice flak, and damage reduced by fire flak, he will be died soon.


That won’t make it’s damage any better. Actually it usually means the damage is worse.

Not true, and also not really relevant. It’s still weaker than basic hunter attacks, which as we could see with Axi is already not great on strong towers.
But Axi had a damage spell and a freeze to help it get through and not get rage drained, as well as a rage-regenerate ability. This dragon lacks all of those things, and is doomed to die against any decent defended base.

Elemental barrier was always white.


Ok, so my hype is down…

Finaly, this season dont propose a realy strong or just “good” dragon…

For me gunnar is just Ok


You don’t even need the ice flak, just drain his rage, wait for the shield to end, and nuke him. Hammers will easily keep up with the weakened lightspeed shots.


I’d say Gunnar is the strongest legendary dragon in the game right now, by a bit of a margin as well. If you think Gunnar is “just ok” this festive is not going to make you happy.