Winterjól Season Preview/twitch Rider Notes (2nd post) & Other Streams


Realy? but now this is stupid to take him, he was discount :frowning:


In fact, if you can not get Surt, Gunnar is best choice in this season.


Sad cuz he was on sale…
He is better than Prospero?


I absolutely agree. I run him without rider and he is amazing already. Fully geared up Gunnar will be really amazing.


I think they are well matched.


Curious what level and league you are in to have these opinions? It could make sense at certain levels and experiences.


Can someone remind me: is Gunnar affected by spell scaling? His spells weren’t on the original list …


Yes, received a massive boost.

Post scaling:


Great - thanks. I really like him but haven’t put a rider on yet so will look forward to that. I reckon he’s going to the top of my list.

I don’t suppose there is a comprehensive list of spells affected anywhere, is there? I’ve seen nothing from PG since their original incomplete list.


Anything else you’d like? Fresh squeezed orange juice? Massage? Next week’s lottery numbers? :upside_down_face:


Info leaks about festive. Community feedback says ‘those spells ew.’ PG says “hey nothing is confirmed about this so hold on there”
PG hands us pretty much same dragon.

Too bad its so useless cause it really looks pretty.


Any of those would be great! Although unless I’m missing something (I may well be) that list does not include snow blind or hunter’s mark - hence my original question.


I’m fairly sure these dragons were released with spell scaling in mind and were stated separately to apply with it. I could be wrong but I am fairly sure that’s was said


My level 82 alt has Cav and Gunnar. Gunnar is kinda meh at that level (green), Cav works great - lots of long bases in this range, Axi is better too. But this is Gold II, no Atlas, no riders, no gear. Power differences at level 17 den cap (need 84 for 18) is kinda interesting:

387k Axi (1 sparkle rune)
244k Cav (2 regen from line, + 1 Legendary warrior HP)
193k Gunnar
oops. didn’t have him runed up.
225k after adding epic and legendary runes of the hunt
Axi only has one rune, though.


Ugh, can’t believe they managed to make a hunter I don’t want.

Now to choose between Hildr (and possibly UVS depending on how the rest of the season goes) and Astrid. Neither option really excites me tbh, but I do need some gold chests and other assorted lootz.


Hildr is great for Gauntlet PVE islands. Better than Kinnarus even thanks to spear salvo (no more swiping needed :laughing: just tap a button instead).


Dang it, now I have to hatch her and lvl her. Why did you have to say that? :sob::joy:


Storm and lightning :cloud_with_lightning: Hildr


:rofl: Because she’s pretty awesome for it and I wanted to help my fellow forum-goers by posting what I found helpful :upside_down_face:

Edit: and you don’t even need to level her all that much. Max platinum is high enough for all the gustav islands (at least until PG makes the higher league islands to be a lot harder), with no hp or attack boosts needed.


The list only includes spells, that were Nerfed (Scaled down from original values) to adjust for the spell scaling. Gunnars or Hildrs spells were not included in this nerf, and they were hugely boosted (Relative to other spells that did receive the nerf) by spell scaling.