Winterjól Season Preview/twitch Rider Notes (2nd post) & Other Streams


A lot of people are very biased when it comes to hunters vs anything else so I want to know from people who actually HAVE Hildr - how is she?


Ok thanks- good to know.


Honestly, when I got her, didn’t think I would like her that much. Got her for her name (I love Norse mythology. Can’t help myself). But she turned out to be a solid sorc to have in my roster. I am at a lower level though (103). So take it for what that is worth. She is at Platinum now and is quite powerful even without the Mythic glyph (I haven’t gotten there yet). :slight_smile:


Ok awesome, thanks :slight_smile: is she your first sorcerer? Or how does she compare to others like Kinnarus, Equestor, & Coatl? Truthfully I think Coatl fell short even with the thunderbolt type attack


Hildr has no shield, which is part of what made Kinnarus strong; it also has no immediate rage recovery, and the rage regen from the perma-summon is lower than others. However, if you’re able to destroy the towers before the stun ends, it’ll be safe. Undefended, weak, low/at level, and less geared bases would probably be fine. It’s a fun dragon to fly (invader/gauntlet/pve - will see in temple raid), and it has neat sfx, but I wouldn’t be flying it for real attacks anytime soon, if you’re a hunter main vs more comparable/harder bases.


Frozen towers are kind of similar to a shield. The difference here is that there is a huge cooldown on the freeze when you have 2 rage, but the shield you had zero cooldown if you had the rage.

I’ve been surprised by the dragon without a rider. I plan to move my earth gear to my conquerer on it and take a few big bases with it. (Hopefully get a few defended when recording) But even if it’s the best sorcerer ever, for me not going to be good enough to steal my earth gear (from itzani) or start another set.


:thinking: Earth offense and fire offense are the two sets I haven’t worked on at all. Maybe I’ll get started on an earth offense after I get my legendary ice ring, and then go back to working on my dark offensive :laughing:I haven’t completed that set either lol.


I think Equestor was a beast among sorcerers. My only regret is I wasn’t playing at that time to have gotten it. I used Coatl for a while (not a lot of stones acquired). But I definitely enjoy flying Hildr more. She might not be very strong against higher level defended bases because of rage issues and the lack of a shield. But is definitely a fun sorc to have if you don’t already own Kinnarus.


Dragon manager has it, was just lookin this morning.


apparently I was using it wrong, I was trying to filter it to find it by regenerate but apparently “text” is only for name, not for ability so it was only showing Cav’s runes. Thanks

Anyone remember how many gold chests were in Somnus’ line? Was it the same or fewer than the other legendary lines?




If I remember correctly it was about the same as other festive but wasn’t it on discount? I’m not sure maybe they reduced amount due to 50% off🤷


Last festive that was discounted was Kirin last winter, somnus was the full 31k sigils to finish. I cant remember how many he or Axi had in their lines


@KisSarkany , I think, might have those details?


How many?


It was 85 gold chests for the Fall Festive.
If you need to see sigil breakdown PM me on Line. I can send you it. Same ID as here.


Here are the last 3 festives
Winter '17 - Kirin - 91 Gold Chests - Full cost 25k Sigils (Was also fully discounted for short time)
Summer '18 - Axi - 91 Gold Chests - Full cost 28k Sigils (Was never discounted)
Fall '18 - Somnus - 85 Gold Chests - Full cost 31k Sigils (Was never discounted)

Fall Legendary was 99 Gold Chests
Fall Mythic was 97 Gold Chests

Is this what you were looking for @Blackfire556 @Ancalagon


Cost is growing with time and no discount…
This season we had only one discounted line. :woman_shrugging: Next season I don’t even expect discounts at all.


One and a half, Gunnar and Bjorn. Same as fall. And summer. And spring.

Half of the “it all used to be better” posts here just seem to be people with terrible memory.


Hmm so the info up there that last winter festive was 25k sigils and discounted and now it’s up to 31k with no discount is not correct? :thinking: If so, then yes, probably it’s just a play of imagination.

p.s. Necryx was 25k too, discount also