Winterjól Season Preview/twitch Rider Notes (2nd post) & Other Streams


The 25k is for the riders full prices. The discount rider was this much prior to first page discount. The seasons have been almost identical since I started fall of 17’. I think the only thing that changed from then was them allowing you to get the mythic with 2 dragons instead of 3 and they added the discount dragon in as one of the 2 needed for the mythic.


It was, but so were all the other dragons that season. Festive has always been the same price as the other dragons since I’ve been playing.

Last year’s winter festive was discounted for one week. It was also not announced at the season start. That was the exception though, all the seasons since have been the same format. Same price as regular dragons, no discount.


Yes, thank you. I thought Somnus had fewer but wasnt sure how many.


It’s funny how the festive became more expensive and rewarded less gold chests. All for the road to player happiness and helping with their progress :joy::joy::joy:


Haven’t seen a lot of excitement built for this festival dragon. Guess it’ll be a dud.


Skoll & Hati spells details from @PoseidonPQ 's twitter

I mean it has to be a joke like the 8s cooldown on moonshroud is totally ridiculous :sweat_smile:


As comparaison: here’s elemental barriel description wich is white too and 1 rage

“Prevent all damage from elemental attacks for 4.5 seconds. Heals up to 35% of Max HP based on elemental damage received. 2 second cooldown.”


Learned lesson from OP Axi Figured Axi’s was to much so made changes to the next one? :man_shrugging:


One question I have. If the dragon falls below 75% and then heals back up. Does that cancel the passive? Does blue health count towards that %


Doesn’t Leo’s spell stay active after healing? So I would assume this one is the same.


If it works like Leos passive you have to drop to 75% and then it’s active for the whole battle.


Btw just notice that solar volley is 6% of dragon max HP not attack. What a joke :man_facepalming:t2::joy::joy::joy::joy:

EDIT: ignore this i’m blind :man_facepalming:t2:


Blue health does not count, only green health, so yes, you can heal back up and keep the passive.


6% ain’t bad for an AOE. The other half is the main part of the spell I’d imagine. I would be asking about the 70% as in it does 70% or 30% of its normal damage.


Oh my bad i misreaded the spell details it has an Aoe part :man_facepalming:t2:


Axi isn’t OP… just hard to kill. She lacks the oomph to take out more than 2-3 towers of a kill island if you are hitting an equivalent level base with equivalent gear. Her lack of boosted firepower (like what Fohmar, Avyx, or Gunnar have) is her real weakness.


OP in regards to hard to kill, which is what the shield is responsible for?


30% damage.

So it takes four shots to do just over the damage of one shot. Unlimited ammo too.


Axi is hard to kill because of adaptive resist and regenerate, not because of the shield. Axi will be rage drained, and dark flak resist keeps it alive.


My personal checklist to see if the dragon is truly overpowered or not (it must have all of these requirements);

  • Can defeat the entire base solo, or at least enough that a low level ember can clean up the missed towers
  • Requires little to no skill to fly (So this means that Hau is not OP because she requires a ton of skill and practice to disable high level bases)
  • Is literally impossible to shoot down if the base owner is present, or 2 non-base owners defend
  • Can defeat bases that are equally tiered with the equally strong gear, or even bases that are higher tier with better gear

While Axi is useful to set up and poke critical holes in a base, she can’t destroy the whole thing with multiple defenders. Therefore, she is not OP.