Winterjól Season Preview/twitch Rider Notes (2nd post) & Other Streams


Ya ya, same convo I have with my wife I use wrong words and the point is missed, editing above post.





A sorcerer with an unlimited ammo spell? :joy:


Uh oh, I think someone made a typo :sweat_smile:


I already corrected my mistake on twitter… it is a wind hunter


I would like a hunter that can shoot 3 fireballs with one tap even without multitapping x)


Too much to hope the 8s cooldowns were also I typo and are actually supposed to 3s I guess… :grin:


Wow they made this dragon even worse with those spell duration/ cooldowns, who would of thought PG was capable of such things

Edit. I may actually watch them on their stream this time to watch them crash and burn this beautiful dragon(s) (there’s 2)


sigh we knew they were going to be really bad but PG definitely out did themselves with this abomination. I guess when they were handing out good spells, Surt just swept the table clean and left nothing but crumbs for the Olsen Twins.

I think these two may dethrone Abraxxas as king of dumpster fires

Actual footage of Skoll and Hati arriving tomorrow



The ONLY way this dragon would have even kind of worked is with an extremely fast cooldown on every spell. Not one, but TWO spells with an 8+ second cooldown and no way to dodge? Barf.


Maybe, just maybe, this dragon has two lives. It’s a twin after all, so you drop one dragon at a time.

One can always dream.


Well at least the art department did a good job on this dragon. :man_shrugging:


It’s a beautiful dragon!! Maybe the numbers are an error? Or maybe they will adjust him?


I’d be really mad if I was in their art department and they wasted my hard work by turning it into a turd :cry:
What a waste


The transparency from their blog update is now my desktop background. It’s beautiful.


Does anyone know the last date of this season or put another way…how many more weeks/events remain? I know we are on week 9 currently


It gives you a countdown in-game on the season prize claim screen. The exact end date/time would vary based upon timezone. You can use tools like for a lazy way to get something precise that matches with your local time.


A season is 13 weeks


A week is 7 days so then about 91 days. That makes for just about 3 months


There is a timer in game, on seasons tab, as I remember. It tells exactly remaining time.
Season is 13 weeks. By the way - looks like there is a copy-paste mistake in this season legend. Weeks 7 and 9 were in previous one. During this season it should be week 6 and 8.