Winterjól Season Preview/twitch Rider Notes (2nd post) & Other Streams


They keep changing what’s in the stream; it used to be 6 and 8, then they said 7 and 9 in the most recent one :rofl:


May be they are using this page as a reference :smile:


Mine used to say 6 and 8 before the stream :rofl:


I love the names of the dragons



The Empyrean preview stream starts in a little over 30m on twitch - notes will be in the second post.

Edit: Done - not sure if I should collapse everything but the spells :thinking:

Edit 2: Here’s a link to the second post :slight_smile:


Cant find your link to the empyreans :sweat:

Edit: found it thanks forsci




I just finished my drawing of Surt and he’s already going to nerfed!? Oh well, it was going to happen eventually


Must be part of those player happiness initiatives. 2 months til the next one!


They used different wording, but I forgot what it was :smiley:


My brain keeps trying to read it as “Surt Nurf”


I just call it Surf


Capulos is interesting, almost an auto-pilot dragon.

Too bad it’s out of my reach.


Has anyone said yet how Empyrian will affect preceding-tier discounts?


I couldn’t be online this time, but I’ll ask tomorrow or past tomorrow if I can


Who wants to take bets on them pulling a Huitzil with Surt?


And go cross eyed…




Those are initiatives (which are great), but those have no timetables as far as I’m aware. Perhaps what I should have asked is, “Has PG confirmed whether the rolling discounts for preceding tiers will be changed/updated for the release of Empyrian?”.


I might’ve missed it on the stream, but I don’t think that it was addressed.