Winterjól Season Preview/twitch Rider Notes (2nd post) & Other Streams


Ok, designs are really nice but… Why on heart is it only the guy portrait who have a crow !? :sob:


Based on the lore, I wonder if we may see a warrior version of time shift? :thinking:


I don´t judge books by the cover… so can´t really tell how this season is going to be.
Suprising though it´ll be another warrior.


Second mythic will be a sorc. :man_shrugging:


I am surprised @forScience did this again despite everything going on. Thanks for that :hugs:


Means that another mythic hunter for Spring 1st wave?


Omg… another +stone…

Another tier released… smh…soon there will be no prize lines and just lines of stones… give it a rest already. You wanna do something make more then 6 dragons in a lineage…

I’m not impressed so far with any of the portraits this season…
The dragons… not impressed much either unfortunately…was really looking forward to this season… hopefully the spells offset it though…

After seeing Duskfall… then this… I feel like I went from a 5 star restaurant to a back ally chomping on a dumpster sandwich…

crosses fingers that second wave looks better…


Or you’ll just have 3 pages :roll_eyes:


I like the design and especially the female portrait. Finally some dragons which match the season :blush:
Also like the elements as I have a lot of ice gear :grin:

Looking forward to see the spells.


Lol yea for 50k sigils a dragon lol no thanks!


Don’t say that, probably you’ll get more 5 gold boxes, 10 12h timers, and ice/fire shards :joy::joy::joy:


Portraits looks well drawn!
unfortunately I personally don’t like Vikings at all(haven’t used last Atlas season portrait for this reason. Because he looks very alike Viking)
I personally will love to see winter portraits more like frozen Sorcerers.
Something more elegant
But it’s still a decent drawing,and it brings some winter spirit for sure.

Dragons…I’m not sure about names
Maybe it’s just me,but name Hildr brings some not good associations if it was anagram-like.
And we already have Urd :thinking:

I absolutely love design of warrior!
He looks really great! I love his body shape (not a big fan of heavy dragons alike Oni,Wydrian,etc)
He looks great,well done!
Which I can’t say about Hunter…Sorcerer looks more Hunter-alike.
I wish I could swap their look :speak_no_evil:
Hopefully they will have decent spells

One big question here…why we having THIRD Mythic Warrior one by one​:woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2:
This is just super disappointing.
Following the healthy logic it must have be another Hunter
So ppl will actually go for it.
So far I’m waiting for their spells,we will see if they will be great enough to make ppl work for them
I guess I’ll skip this season completely,if there won’t be any decent Hunter or great rider


fb means Facebook? moreover, at what time? Grazie :slight_smile:


What’s your beef with Vikings? I’ve never met any personally although I hear they’re an inquisitive and noble people. If you set aside the pillagy and plundery side of their personalities I’m sure you’d get on famously.


Here :wink:


What as in ‘normal’ English names? What on earth is considered a normal name for a non existing mythical creature? :smile::joy:


:rofl:good one!
Let’s say in another way,I like more Aurora type portraits (might be winter mages,or frost warriors or ice archers)
Those have more muscles and looks strong and heavy
I’m thinking from personal side,since it’s a personal feedback
I do like how they drawn,looks very nice :+1:t2:


so, if in the US are the 2 PM, in Europe (Italy in my case), what time will it be?


At least the others (other than AA) use single word for their name. Granted, AA are 2 dragons switching each other.
However, UVs…


You can use the time zone thing that @forScience made go to the OP :wink: