Winterjól Season Preview/twitch Rider Notes (2nd post) & Other Streams


Not that I use spell flux on a regular basis -cough- :roll_eyes: but spell flux targets the red first.


like spell flux is in parentheses referring to it targeting red mage first


Think I just read it wrong. Am tired :frowning:


Heads up: They are working on more research :scream:


Yet another hunter with freeze effect. Can we get something else: lighting stun, earth barrier, tornados, ash wall, etc.

There are other ways to disable/ stop towers. PG relies too much on freeze.


Shadow Strike reads total OP, ammo dump, white cloak gain ammo back stops incoming shots, powered ammo dump with explosive, repeat?


Warriors are laughable. The sorcerer ain’t to bad the other one looks so bad (Auto pilot one). Hunters aren’t to bad actually.

But can I just say all of them LOOK amazing. Ya art team!

But this tier could of and should of been really cool and strong but they lack actually effectiveness on the battlefield. Vanguard spell designs were new and awesome. Perfect example. They just aren’t now sadly. I want to see something new, these drags aren’t new, just changed a little. I like seeing old designs but not for every drag. I want something new and awesome.


I like that apparently, hunters need adaptive flak resist but warriors dont. Warriors need ice flak resist since they’re supposed to be more simple to fly :roll_eyes:


Point and shoot disposable camera vs DSLR? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I think the design/concept teams like taking two dragons with unique skills and merging them
Into a mythic with what may be viewed as the best of both.

Sometimes it works but I think the tiers where they didn’t do much of that seem to be most successful.


Both excited and concerned. Lol.


Well you could view the tank like nature of a warrior as being able to take a lot damage giving it time to deal a lot of damage.

A hunter with elemental resist would be kind of scary. But so would a hunter with lots of health and healing abilities in addition to cloak… and that’s definitely a thing.

But I think the day hunters come standard with elemental resist is the day new projectile towers come out.


I kinda like Shadow Strike. It’s like a more powerful, hunter version of Zotz’s Shadow Dispersal


Problem is they dont design warriors to be tanks since their resists and spells suck. They design them to be wet tissue paper


I still need gold eggs for prior research, what good is next gen research?


For those who have bred all the dragons they can and have completed all research, it’s a godsend. And there might actually be more base/dragon/constrction boosts


Im finishing up the worthwhile research next event so further research tiers are certainly welcomed as long as they’re not absurd amounts like 40 garnet or emerald eggs each or it’s not more ballista boosts


I agree they often fail in concepts with warriors, but they definitely do not make wet tissue paper.

The latest warriors have been extremely large hp…

Although Jarl is a terrible dragon by evolve tier. It’s strugglig within my invader at the first harbinger level. It’s attack power is also about half of what a max obsidian would be.

But most all recent warriors have the ability to sit ther and look pretty for a long time while taking damage. Their dps is often still w problem


According to Manager at Harbinger stone the Legendary Jarl has dps of Obsidian Mythic?



They’re pretty tissue papery when they get slammed by all the towers on a kill island and cant do much because they cant gain rage, their heal is locked by a blue mage and they’re resisting the second weakest flak in terms of damage. All the while failing miserably to deal with hammer spam. They have lots if HP but that basically goes to waste because if very poor design.

Id actually like to fly more warriors… if they’d make a good one. Cav had potential but it was wasted on a garbage resist and a pretty bad damage boost. Every legendary warrior ends up feeling like “this could have been good if they hadnt quit trying half way through designing it”