Winterjól Season Preview/twitch Rider Notes (2nd post) & Other Streams


Thought they were going over the Mythics or surt or something


The mythics will be in a later wave, as with Vanguard :slight_smile: . Sithstress linked the Surt thread.


It’s because how to train your dragon 3 comming out



Yeap Yeap saw it in your other post thanks


:wave: added notes for the rider stream, way too detailed :see_no_evil:


I don’t see them :eyes:


Post 2 for spring 2019 community drawn rider info.


Okay, thanks. I’m more blind than usual without my glasses lately


Earlier voting result, Gender: Female with 47.1%

Doesn’t that mean Male with 52.9%?


It’s what it said on the stream :stuck_out_tongue: maybe there were more gender options.


Yeah really confused on how female won with 47% of the votes lol


Pretty sure there was an “androgynous” option?


I think there was an androgynous option


I know I voted for the androgynous option when they sent out an email to the survey earlier :eyes:


Do we already have existing riders of such … ehm… gender? Or, may be, avatars? Just curious, how could that look like.


Why do I think that the rider is in pain? Like she is twisting her arm a lot…

Also, looks more reasonable to make the dagger (wakizashi?) slightly curved.

Perhaps some Japanese player can comment…



The portrait I’m using right now is an androgynous one. I’m not androgynous, but i really love the badass nature of kharnyx😁


She is awesome, expert, good gear.