Winterjól Season Preview/twitch Rider Notes (2nd post) & Other Streams


Umm… are u referring to Malous? Or however u say his name…
I feel like he looks like a gladiator… not a viking…

If a different one… dont mind me lol


Pacific time = UTC -8


Nah,this one


I love the theme, always liked Nordic countries and I’m quite a lot into Vikings and The Last Kingdom recently so the timing is great :slight_smile:
For the same reason I got Nollaig earlier.
Sorcerer looks just amazing, fabulous creature. And female portrait is pretty too. Pity that I’m not much into sorcerers… which is why I’m not getting him.
Don’t want warrior either, so this whole line is straight out of my interest.
I am interested in learning hunters now, but not a fan of design of this hunter soooo… going to skip o this.

For a beginning I’ll get token bonus (god I’ll miss 200% one :sob:) and then will be saving sigils for either second set of dragons or a festive one (high expectations :point_up_2:t2:).


Not really thrilled by the portraits, but nice wintery themed. I’m a sucker for hunters but the look and portrait on Gunnar really aren’t winning him points by me. Curious about the spells, but if not much good maybe I will just dump rubies on prospero for a sure bet and sit winter season out.


I love their designs and the portraits, screw off. :triumph:


I agree with @xtWIStEdxwolfx, my first impressions are the same as his.

Plus I found it truly pathetic that they managed to forget about the dragon named URD… Know your own game…


Well beauty is subjective and I really love the rough, primal viking theme to the season. I think the hunter is gorgeous and if he’s got a decent spellset, I’ll definitely get him. I also just love his portrait so that’s a plus. I don’t know what people were expecting of a winter season; winter is all about rough survival, and there’s a lot of visceral strength and suffering associated with it.

As for the new tier stuff, we already knew it was coming. I’m not happy about it, I haven’t been since Vanguard was released, but that have to keep the whales scrambling for something.


Were they trying to invoke something with the names? Urd, Verd, and Skuld are the three norns that make up past, present, and future. Nice. You can substitute Urd for Urth, both are used in lieu of Urōr. Or use Urōr. (Wrong accent on o because I don’t have Nordic keyboard.)


Yes yes new stone, whoopdiedoo. Yet another Unobtainium.

They just better not keep inflating sigil costs for dragons without compensation mechanism for earning more sigils. Especially for those non-end game players who can’t rack up the points as easy. There’s really no incentive to buy stones for dragons we probably wont use anymore by the time we are in those tiers (since new dragons come along) - especially when it comes to getting a mythic.

And the gaps don’t even make sense. You need to rack up literally over double the points it takes to get to the 450 sigil prize just to get 500 measly sigils. And why is the garnet stone the most expensive line of all (a whopping 5200 sigils, compared to getting the vanguard stone just an additional 3100). I just want to see some logic to this…

On topic comment of all this: please rethink the maths on sigil pricing this season. Please.


I say allow us to skip stones if not going for the mythic


Can’t you already?

I’m confused. Stop at emerald if you want


You still can’t get the prizes as they are blocked by stones


You didn’t say that was your goal. Nope, you are correct, you can’t.


Lol yea sorry was implied :eyes:


I thought the spells where supposed to be spotlighted on Facebook today?


So if you read the op, it says when the streams are. You’re an hour early.


I hope the hunter is trash for my own sake. I worked way too hard this season, I need a breather :rofl:


is up

Edit: spells done


So we are getting a “Hau” Warrior lol. Maybe this one i can fly better :eyes: :joy: