Winterjól Season Preview/twitch Rider Notes (2nd post) & Other Streams


Oh god. Well more free tokens for me I guess :smiley:


This is an insult to Queen of Hunters,that her spell(alike) is placed on Warrior


Omg yes! That was my first thought too, on seeing a three headed warrior. I’ve championed that idea on the forums before, but it never hurts to say it again…

Please PG, can we have a legit multi-headed multi-firestream warrior? Please?


Everything doesn’t seem great IMO at first glance (maybe the hunter will be good) but we need them stats before a proper opinion can be made.


Hope I haven’t misunderstood and this is a hunter
Can’t be sure those days with hunters native spells on warriors :joy_cat::rofl:


Yeah, that’s the hunter.


I’m assuming Snowblind and Mark will be affected by the damage scaling change? :eyes:

Can you confirm or “no comment” please :wink:


Can snowblind’s freeze stop the mid-air projectile like any other freeze?


Hmm, the Hunter doesn’t seem very unique or interesting. He looks cool, but I have trouble seeing how he’ll possibly compete with Prospero. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how his cooldowns work to determine for sure.

Edit: Scratch that…the freeze on towers could potentially be very strong. I’m curious to get more details.


I like that it has a normal cloak. We’ll have to wait for the numbers to judge of course, but on first sight Avyx with a white talon frenzy that freezes sounds like a fun dragon to fly.


He isn’t meant to be. He is meant to be a classic hunter one would assume. Basic old school hunter spells with a white damage buff instead of a blue one.


Im liking the portraits though can we have a NO BACKGROUND option again please @PGCrisis @Arelyna


This is perfect. :joy::rofl:


You have to name it that now :rofl:


Love how apparently someone got offended by an official name. I think this is my first flagged post that didnt have to do with off topic


It will be great if you will let “Healing Mark” alike and Hunter Mark spells be applied at “monuments” in Atlas
Since In core game it helps in flying a lot,but In Atlas you cant do it at all


Is Hildr’s familiar an immortal one like Apophet’s or does it just have very high HP like Equestor’s?


tryin to mix it up, they put time shift on warrior😅


(This is not only directed at you)

It’s teleport. Tel - ee - port. No shifting, only porting


Waiting for Lut to reply :eyes:

@Lutrus how far forward does it teleport and does shield remain when rewound?