Winterjól Season Preview/twitch Rider Notes (2nd post) & Other Streams


You’re the second person to predict me today :eyes:


That warrior look shitty…! Maybe if he throw 3 flamethrower tho… :sweat_smile:


Ehhh, skips an island? It would be funny if it teleported 1 second away


Also curious if we can still destroy things while he is teleporting or do we have to wait til we click it again?


It says it’s like Nolaig freeze, so it won’t stop the projectil alredy shot, unless you hit the projectile, which is almost imppssible with hunter :sweat_smile:


It will.


I’ll do this for lutrus


That means he instantly goes to point B




It has very high HP to the point that you could never kill it before killing the dragon


All the effectively permanent summons are spin-offs of Apophet’s Shadow :stuck_out_tongue:


Man a warrior with time shift sounds amazing.


No no no…


Well keep hoping


I see you were faster than me, well I’ll leave it up just to reiterate


Maybe this is a stupid question…but does the sorcerer’s shadow do damage? It’s not mentioned.


could someone post the spells and their info for each of the dragons?


It’s been added to the OP


Yes, the Spiritual Guardian is just like the other Apophet’s Shadow-type passive summons; they just have adjusted stats, pretty much.


Thnx. Should I assume rage accumulation is based on damage done (sorry if another shadow has this ability, but I only have Apophet)?


The rage regen amount is flat for all of these - +20% for Apo/Dodo on Kinnarus and +50% for Equestor and Altimorak’s; the stats for the new one will be out on Tuesday. It’s not like the Berserk-type spells where you gain rage upon destroying towers.

And there’s nothing to apologize for :stuck_out_tongue: