Winterjól Season Preview/twitch Rider Notes (2nd post) & Other Streams


By disable, is it similar to entrap, freeze, chain, or stun?

If it’s either entrap / chain, why give him a familiar? :exploding_head:


They mentioned at the very end it was like a stun because it does wear off. She mentioned getting the wording changed to stun to be clearer.


Oh, okay then (since Entrap wears off too…)


I know, wasn’t exactly clear. It was an off-hand comment made after the question was answered that it does wear off and is not a permanent disable. Guess we’ll find out on Tuesday. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s in the notes too :stuck_out_tongue: - like earthquake but longer duration and lower damage. It does disable the towers from firing :innocent:


Oops, missed that. Thanks @forScience.


Oooh Aibrean 2.0, I could get on board with that…


Quite confused with alter fate. I honestly do not understand why they can not release all the necessary information at once rather then give us scraps throughout the week.
Waiting on cost today :bomb::bomb:


They do it to entice players hoping some will buy the new mythic.


lol not going to work anymore, learned from my mistakes :credit_card::scissors:


Let me put this another way. If you like the mythic now, wait until NEXT SEASON. Or the season after next! See where I’m going?

There is absolutely zero need to get the mythic if you have to spend. Just save and wait for another season. :man_shrugging:


Keep waiting for what though? I wanna get my first mythic. I wont spend money other than elite. But is this warrior worth going for?


You don’t have to decide now. There’s always someone who gets it in the first week, posts a youtube and word gets around if its good and then you can watch and see if you like it


I would not go for a warrior as my first mythic, especially not when the following seasonal dragons will be as power as the next tiers’s mythics while these will be as powerful as the legendaries.


sounds like a modified version of Beano plus a bit of freeze. Could be good.

At least I can use my cloak runes I have if it keeps that name.


Not trying to be a Debbie downer but as it’s been discussed elsewhere, the mythic divines don’t show their strength relative to non mythics until their final 5 or so levels.

I got pathox, but unless you take gear and rider into effect he’s not that much different than Fomhar or Axi DPS-wise.

Save up a season or two and get the type you want for free.


The sorc looks disappointing. Randomness in damage is never good, and it has no way to heal. We will have to see the stats on the familiar and new spells though. I like it’s design a lot more than the hunter. And the hunter does look good


extra characters


Next season there’ll be the 4th mythic warrior right? Hmmm


Well then just freeze your credit card. Here’s an example of what a frozen credit card looks like.
Image result for credit card frozen in ice