Winterjól Season Preview/twitch Rider Notes (2nd post) & Other Streams


Shiny things, shiny things, shiny things!!!

PG has done it again…


Well, when Dec. 5 hits :fire:


You mean

Shiny…wait i don’t see it…or wait there it is again shiny…oh wait where the f&$% did it go?


You guys are making me mighty twitchy about what kind of apocalyps awaits us on december 5th…


PG hasn’t communicated any sort of long range plan, other than announcing spell scaling recently, and some people have had Dec. 5, end of Duskfall, as their “drop dead” date. I’d imagine that more would follow not long after and then even more after the new tier’s requirements release prior to anything addressing the 300 wall.


Hopefully 4.92 means that the apocalypse is averted. Or its full of glitches and the apocalypse gets worse. Place your bets folks


is on now

Costs are staying the same, as expected, due to not getting new stones on the legendaries.


Assuming I heard @PGChocolate and @PGCrisis correctly, and assuming what they’ve been told is correct, the dragon rider shards and gear is no longer mixed for this season. Suppose that’s some good news :slight_smile:


Im still wondering why the mythic sorcerer isn’t the first the mythic and the warrior is.


probably when they want the spending to land - guessing sorcs don’t have as much spend on them early on?

Otherwise, it’s been consistent since October 2016, so…


If the warrior can manipulate time, so the sorcerer should be able to manipulate space right. Teleport all five towers to the shadow realm :crazy_face:


I wanted a discount sorcerer :joy:


Coatl was discounted in Summerflare already :stuck_out_tongue:


QUESTION --------- will the mythic warrior be mythic on a perch if it is leveled up to Vanguard+ ? Or will it be the new tier but only legendary as far as the perch is concerned?


Do you have Neptus or Huitzil to check with?


no unfortunately.


I suspect there will now be two sequences. First mythic will have 1 because one dragon will be discount. Second mythic will have another will be full price. This will allow f2p and e2p players to still plan for and get a mythic using the discount dragon the first two weeks. Those that choose to spend can decide which one they want to spend for or both.

So that means spring would be mythic sorcerer in first line and mythic hunter in second, etc.


This is correct. Rider branches will have shards on the first half, and gear on the second!


Wonderful teammate confirmed that it stays mythic :slight_smile: - figured but wasn’t certain.