Winterjól Season Preview/twitch Rider Notes (2nd post) & Other Streams


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Has there been any case other than Summer 17, where seasonal Legendary becomes mythic or vice versa?


Thank you so much, Crisis!


Whenever the mythic gets the next tier’s legendary power, the legendaries get the mythic power of the current tier, starting with Kinnarus’s season, Summer 2017.


I mean Mythic status (perch)
Checked, and all my legendary are still legendary…


You need to check the right season - e.g. Kinnarus.


And just like that I’ll be getting the seasonal riders again. Glad this was changed




If it’s starting from Summer 17, Avyx should have mythic boost too…


No because it wasnt a mythic dragon for that season it was only a legendary.

Edit–unless I’m missing something?


Axi is not an expert, or near expert, in your screenshot.


Does this confirm that next season costs will increase again?


They didn’t mention it on the stream; it’s just historical trending (speculation). They could always break the mold, though…


They have Mythic Strength but Legendary classification. The Mythic classification just an additional 4% strength tacked on to the boosted stats. Hence why Neptus at max level is approximately 4% stronger than Fomhar at max level in terms of AP even though Neptus is a Mythic dragon and Fomhar is a Legendary dragon. Or Corthanak is about 4% stronger than Coatl in terms of AP despite being a Mythic Harbinger and Coatl is a Legendary Harbinger. They’re all Mythics statwise.


Yeah, I really hope they cap it here. Thanks for the clarification though.



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Lucky the spells saved them over… otherwise they look goofy. :joy:


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isnt the rider full branch 25k ? cause this sounds like the first page only costs 25k non discounted @forScience


You do not miss nothing, Avyx always been a legendary dragon…!