Winterjól Season Wave 1 Official Discussion Thread


Hey All!

Please bring any thoughts and questions regarding the launch of the Winterjól season to this thread.

A celebration in the snow - Introducing Winterjól!

All these dragons will need a lot of rage :crazy_face: A lot


i just like seeing discount hunter with a damage glyph. Hopefully 8% like axis and prospero’s. Could use another for pathox


I hope they all drop mythic rage runes in their lines.


If a new tier is coming, I hope we’re not going to see another rise on sigil cost on these branches & if there is an increase, it’s about time the sigil drops were increased too.
(As do all the other prize & chest drops too)


So gunnr cloak has no cool down if disable by a blue mage correct that’s what I want to know


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I’m not terribly excited about any of these dragons :confused:
Hildr looks ok but not mind blowing.
I think I’ll be holding onto my sigils to see what the rest of the season dragons end up looking like.
Definitely not a fan of more warriors though >_>
Mythic Sorc might be cool


I’m excited to leave fall season and looking forward for a new excitement in winter season with new update :snowman_with_snow::snowman_with_snow::snowman_with_snow: My hunch telling the mythic sorcerer is gonna be awesome like Jorgmundgandor


Yes. It’s cloak.


Urd now has to share his name with a three headed dragon thing. :sweat: Poor little guy.

The hunter looks ok, I guess. Why ice flank resistance? That seems a bit useless.


I need a sorcerer. This sorcerer appears to be trash. Someone please tell me why I am wrong here, I’d love to be wrong about this.


Urd will be getting a new name at a later date.


I hope it will be changed to “The Dragon Formerly Known As Urd”


Spiritual guardian seems nice. It’s a slightly powered up eternal warrior. The rest of the spells aren’t great.


New Urd or old Urd? :thinking:


They should skip straight to a symbol.


Old Urd will have it’s name changed. Not UVS (I’m abbreviating for fear I’ll misspell it :joy:)


Thank you for the clarification. UVS is less confusing. I’ll stick with that. Lol.


The hunter seems like a classic viable hunter, I look forward to getting him during the discount. Will save for the release of the second wave though in case another Axi or Prospero drops.