Winterjól Season Wave 1 Official Discussion Thread


iRobot Will Smith showed you can absolutely be smart and stupid


This season divines Gunnar is similar to Hauheset Hilder to Kinnarus… Not season dragons look alikes
Merk=Excellis green

Pg please fix this issue


Gunnar is the farthest thing from hau.
Hildr doesn’t have a shield.
I don’t even know what you’re going on about after that, but I don’t think it’s relevant?


What he seems to say is hildr is kinnarus 2.0 and gunnar is airbean 2.0 , not sure if warrior will be decent to be called hau 2.0


Um, wat?


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why ?


Look at all current divines or seasonal dragons and tell me which ones look alike


They all look like dragons to me… except chuck, he just looks like a hippo


Well since op said Gunnar is like Hau. They’re not similar in any way.

If OP meant Gunnar is like Aibrean.

Well cloak functions differently from flash.

Snowblind is more similar to Winters Bite than it is to Chaos.

The red spell is basically the same.

You could sort of say they’re similar except cloak variants are basically a hunter staple and healing mark variants are a less common staple.

Hildr and Kinnarus are just completely different except for the summoned familiar. That doesn’t automatically mean it’s Kinnarus 2.0 though.

Edit: and if OP meant visual similarities then… Hau looks like Apophet and Mehaten? and Kinnarus looks like Kinnara?


Hau is a cobra dragon. Gunnar has horns coming out from the bottom of his face.
Gunnar=/= hau


you technically replied to me and yet you are saying same stuff , the drags are very similiar to the above mentioned cause they have similar skills .

p.s : I corrected the op that gunnar isnt alike hau at all


How is 1 similar spell = to being the same dragon? Every single dragon has 1 spell that is similar to another spell. Rampage is similar to bloodfury. Bloodfury is similar to sacrifice. By that logic, Jotun is similar to Destar, which is similar to Whalegnawer. Therefore Jotun is similar to Whalegnawer.

See how stupid that sounds?


Either way all 3 first divines are useless… Last 2 seasons Axi Somnus festive dragons are the best… Everyone hurry spend them new sigils


I don’t know what we are yelling about!!! Loud noises!!!


I could agree about the sorcerer Hildr but hunter seems very interesting and warrior will be good


I can’t tell if you are serious or not? Last two festives? I for one will give this new divine hunter my ice gear from Axi. Bye Axi! Bye cute little Axi…


it is a way of saying 2.0 you have read all forums about players asking for a hau 2.0 and I am sure they meant the spells not looks


Well spells should be fixed by pg soon


I am not positive of what you mean