Winterjól Season Wave 1 Official Discussion Thread


What’s being fixed?

Am I being trolled?


I read all forums regarding this game


That doesn’t really answer my question :joy:


Reading and comprehending what you read…two entirely different things, IJS :man_shrugging:


Everyone is playing this game to enjoy their free time and honestly enjoy it. Flying basically the same dragons but different spells


No? Literally nobody has done that. Hau also functions perfectly so how exactly can you make a better version of it?

In any case, Itzani actually functions pretty similar to Hau in that respect. Yet people are saying UVS is Hau 2.0 because one spell has a similar concept. They aren’t nearly the same dragon. I don’t even expect UVS to perform well beyond his tier.

Rampage is also one of Jotun’s spells and as far as I know, Jotun doesn’t fare well against level 75s which aren’t even a full tier above his paygrade. Jotun can also probably deal with mage supershots better (to some extent). We’ll have to wait and see. I don’t think UVS will be viable when PG slaps level 85s on the table.


it is still a way of saying dude drags have similar abilites , does that suit better ?


Same dragons but different spells? Well what one is it! Out of all the issues in this game you arnt complaining some dragons look similar are you?




Sure, but that doesn’t mean the dragons are similar. Jormungandr has Tidal Surge. Neptus has Tidal Surge. Are they similar dragons?

Edit: By the way, I wasn’t even saying that YOU were wrong initially. I was saying that this exceptional individual was wrong.


People just don’t get it


similar spells make the above mentioned drags similar

hahahha there is hau


we dont


:scream: mad man detected !! :axi:


Or your not explaining properly… or you are making an irrational argument…


I’d more compare Gunnar to Avyx
Cloak = cloak
Freeze + damage buff in white > damage buff in blue for less rage but both give damage buff style attack
Hunters Mark > Healing Mark but rage costs are different and rage return makes it more strategic to use
Resists whatever

Well they both have a familiar, it’s just a damage buff plus 30% “shield” vs 40% actual shield the whole time. So minimal difference
Red AOE stun effect vs white AOE stun effect, same premise of stun towers to allow minion to kill priority towers
Shield vs heal is definitely different, but it’s honestly just opposite of the minion effect. Minion provides shield with separate heal vs minion providing heal with separate shield spell. Soooo overall it’s a tweaked version.

I thought these were pretty basic comparisons weren’t they?




add this valid comoparison too :stuck_out_tongue: but dunno why feels similar to aibreaan too or better say an improved aibrean maybe :PPP


Well, sure. I’m still more apt to say Gunnar is like Aibrean and Nollaig combined. I wasn’t suggesting Gunnar is one-of-a-kind. It just definitely isn’t Hau. The Aibrean part was brought up by someone else out of nowhere so I commented on it.

Well, sure. Conceptually the spells are somewhat similar. They’re still different enough.

I thought Hildr didn’t have a shield. Or a heal. Or a rage generating spell. Sure the passive absorbs damage and grants more rage, but Kinnarus has a shield and a passive summon that does practically the same thing as Hildr’s. Therefore it isn’t similar aside from the passive which conceptually is the same for all dragons that have one.

So far the only thing they have in common is a passive familiar and maybe the AoE stun. Jotun and UVS both have Rampage and Elemental Resist. Are they similar dragons?


Would love the warrior BUT without having to get the other ones i don’t WANT