Winterjól Season Wave 1 Official Discussion Thread


Warrior does sound fun for a warrior… just pretty expensive for “fun” and getting a useless sorceror along the way. Gunnar I’m totally going for though, at least discount weeks.




Even in the season preview it looked bad…! W’ont spend any sigils fpr this guy… and I am not a fan of sorcerer at all…the mythic better be insane if they don’t want me to pass on second mythic too…! Lol



Joy… way to fly the warrior… not


This does a great job of what not to do when flying the warrior :rofl:

Gotta milk those ss out :eyes:


Haha nice rewind there :joy: Oof 2 mages ss


lol thats how they show off that spell? :man_facepalming:




That sorcerer looks awesome! :heart_eyes:


Right so apparently the warrior shield only resists dmg and doesn’t actually function like invincibility. So mage shots not dodgable after all. Real disappoint.


no but that rewind thing will dodge them.


That’s what the bloody teleport is for.


i was first, yet you get the likes… I still win. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hildr is going to be the best this season. Can’t wait! :heart_eyes:


Not according to that video… :point_up_2:t2:


Thoughts on the first wave:


  • Killer look
  • Hunters with freeze, feisty!
    +/- great potential for a background, could’ve rocked the Blackblood story a bit more
  • A good hunter needs burst. Snowblind gives great burst but: A. It’s simultaniously a CC ability, meaning you’ll have to spread the burst. B. It’s not combined with ammo regen.
  • Blue cloak, ouch, gotta CC all towers AND focus that blue mage… aaaaand you’re dead.
  • Iceflak resist is so 2018
  • Hunter’s Mark, I don’t need rage, I need ammo. I just spend all my ammo trying to CC everything and kill that blue mage tower. When I get out of cloak I will get oneshotted. I don’t have full ammo yet, I probably can’t kill anything in 1 burst on this high level defended kill Island so when I get out of cloak, ima cast Hunter’s mark, get stunned, and then die.


  • Spear salvo, pewpewpew, spamming something and causing destruction is fun
  • Oh wait, I’ve got nothing to kill that red mage with, bummer
  • I died
    Can anyone please clear all the red’s so I can use this dragon?

Oar-d, Vair-d, and Skool-d

  • Rampage, oh yeah baby, punish anything that’s not a micro, PUNISH
  • Alter Fate, yes, god yes, don’t make it’s range too long, I just need to get that one mage tower there. And then…
  • BOOM, TIME STOP. Ima freeze all ya’ll. Also, you didn’t even get trough my shield. Also: I just oneshotted your highest flak with my 15% base hp + runes damage spell.

Unless someone’s dropping mad hammers and storm/earth shields on that red tower I don’t see how this is not an excellent dragon.


Looks like whomever that was teleported before the mages shot… unless the defender charged after…


Based on your hunter analysis I think you need to work on your hunting flying…

But seriously that dragon has every hunter staple and then some, can cloak, easily avoid damage, dodge mages, damage boost… it has everything it needs. Not all dragons are solo dragons, in fact too many are. But this dragon can both set up and clean up. What’s the issue?


Based on your tone and assumptions I think you need a hug and a hot coco :relaxed: