Winterjól Season Wave 1 Official Discussion Thread


That’s probably true. But who doesn’t need those things!


Urv on that video was probably flown like that on purpose to show a colourful scenario to everyone, in which supershots go well. Ofc for players it looks suicide, but for someone who never played the game is just unknown lights lol


You seem like you know a lot. Can you teach me? :slight_smile:


Still no update


Gunnar will be a good dragon just you wait. Freeze everything takes half ammo bar, full research and ammo runes solves the problem of ammo if you insist on saying you use it all. Freezes all towers takes out blue then bam cloak until ammo regen rinse and repeat as necessary. Can’t wait to try him out



Version 4.92 has been approved! The release will occur today.

The following will happen:

  • Fight Pits Treasure Hunt phase will still go live as expected around 2pm PT today, December 5th.
  • The Seasons Tab will be locked until Battle Phase begins tomorrow, December 6th.
  • Players will still be able to gain Winterjól Sigils during the Treasure Hunt phase through actions, such as opening chests and Team Quests.
  • Atlas Maintenance will end when we can confirm that the update is available on both the App Store and the Play Store.
  • PvP will be re-enabled two hours after Maintenance ends.
  • Beasts will be available for players to attack when Atlas Maintenance ends and before PvP is re-enabled.


By the time you get out of cloak those towers will no longer be frozen. You can cast Snowblind again and try to re-apply but now you have cloak cooldown. Either you get stunned or you get rage drained. Now you passed an Island that has taken little damage and only has 1 blue tower down + whatever you targeted last.


Lutrus would be a better choice, or Ragnar :blush:




But you are admired. I admire you :blush:


Not really you don’t cloak the whole time… just enough to get some ammo back. Maybe it won’t take out 75 towers but for the majority of towers it will work. Works with prospero and I know his boost stays active if not using stun but it’s pretty similar in concept.


Hm except that you can instantly stun before Enshroud runs out so you don’t get hit by second wave, AND enshroud has same cooldown as stun so you can repeat that a second time, AND you get full ammo in 1 enshroud with consume AND you can regen rage by spamming AFR between Island. This guy got nothing on Prospero.


Red plus storm. Bye bye pros.


Mike said you’re very clever. Can you teach me? :slight_smile:


It’s funny because I look for those combos and take those out all the time. Then I cloak and stun and win.


Real men (and women) eat the mage shots. Dodging is for you cowardly hunter flyers (no offense).


That requires a defended micro or else they’ll both get killed in my turn. But let’s stick to criticizing Gun-nar.


Not defended.


Only time will tell but he won’t be bad in my hands.


Gunnar can survive stormed micros.