Winterjól Season Wave 1 Official Discussion Thread


Walk us trough?


Faces the island, freezes towers and mages, takes storm out, takes blue out, cloaks.


But why? :roll_eyes:


Main problem with Gunnar may be a tough long isle, as to save ammo. But still he seems to be excellent to set bases. If you get to fly him good he seems capable as a war lead


Fair enough, freeze stops all incoming so you don’t need to cloak dodge. You kill storm. But with 4 shots on other towers and burst on storm, you don’t have burst to kill blue, they can hammer spam. You might wait for the freeze to run out to gather ammo for burst, but you better kill it fast and then cloak or else you’ll get 1 shot. In any case, you leave a red and 2 flak towers standing. Can’t solo anything like that.

Now you’re turning into statues with no rage (because you didn’t kill red so couldn’t use hunters mark). Good luck with that second blue/storm combo.


So prospero you cloak then take out red mage and stun. Works with defenders, and if they use multiple storm supers you cloak take out storm and red mage you can survive to stun in time just have to be quick and not have fat fingers :smiley:


They should just ask GPF members to record themselves flying for these videos lol


What about the cooldown on the cloak?..


Red doesn’t need to be down to use hunters mark :wink:

Let’s assume you have research and swann/Malus on Gunnar, so start with 12 ammo.

  1. -4 shots to freeze towers +1 regened back = 9
  2. -5 shots (the spell is at +150% damage, so at 5 shots that tower has some pretty decent hp). +1 regened = 5
  3. -5 + 1 regen -1 shot on blue = 0. Nows a good time to cloak.



Let’s assume everyone has a fully leveled Atlas Rider and 100% perfect shot accuracy for this dragon to kill 2 towers. Alright.

I suppose I will just have to see it for myself just like you did. On paper it makes very little sense to me.


So you are upset that you don’t get a 100% invincible dragon for 15 seconds/10 seconds before and after every use of teleport? Wouldn’t that limit his vulnerability to like 5 second chunks of time whilst providing 2-3 times to attack each tower?

What else would you like? A “stop the dragon, freeze all towers, let me DPS them down” button next?


Sorry, that’s not going to happen on an appropriately leveled base. If your pros is obsidian or harb I’d love to show you what would happen.




I’ve been able to kill the Red Mage on the turn then Enshroud+Stun with consistent success. This is on defended bases. Prospero still isn’t the strongest hunter, but he’s very far from helpless.


What is a mechcat?


Has a 4 second cool down but spell last 3.5 seconds so basically .5 second cool down


On stormed reds? I’m not denying it’s possible, but on a level island of the dragon’s tier, it’s very hard to do consistently and if it survives by a sliver, your approach is ruined.


Nope, the CD stars after the spell ends


True. If you time your shots right you can kill it prior to the storm supershot going off. It is quite hard though, so I’m curious to see how well Gunnar does comparatively.


200 free sigils :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: