Winterjól Season Wave 1 Official Discussion Thread


Ah yes, rewind straight into those mage shots :sunglasses:



Two of Hildr’s spells have received a buff. Here are the changes:

  • Static Blast duration will be increased from 3s → 3.5s
  • Spiritual Guardian’s damage will increase from 2% → 2.75% of the Dragon’s base HP.


still too weak. btw what were the stats of hildr on twitchstream rightnow?


I don’t know to be perfectly honest.


Uhhh I do it all the time or most of the time on micro bases my level. True if you mess up you die but isn’t that the same with everything?


Has anyone else noticed a glitch with the dragon auto select during battles? 3 ppl on my team have said the same thing with me included. Just thought that @PG would like to know if others are experiencing this too…


Well I guess we know the riders we’re getting this season




Wow. Ok, big screwup by PG on that one. Unsurprised


Welp, that’s definitely unfortunate. Not sure what is going on there.

In other news, wonder if y’all can figure out which I want?


Keep looking you might find rest of season dragons I’m your den :joy:


You want the Astrid @Arelyna I’m pretty sure


Well, Bjorn certainly looks like an absolute beast of a rider, in a non-ironic way.


Already not impressed with Astrid, what a waste of a cool rider.
Tower Atk: 13%
Tower HP: 13%
Lumber Mill Capacity: 12%
Lumber Mill Production: 12%
Sheep Farm Production: 12%
Construction Time: 7%

Dragon Atk: 14%
Dragon HP: 14%
Dragon XP: 7%
Ice Flak Resist: 3%
Fire Flak Resist: 3%
Dark Flak Resist: 3%

Guessing Astrid is the discount rider coming out week 3 and Bjorn is the 2nd rider coming out with the 2nd mythic


@KingxQueenNyx ding ding ding.


Visually I wished the two were swapped. Bjorn looks like a defensive rider with that shield of his :rofl: and I’d love to watch Astrid ride into battle on the back of a dragon.


Not going to lie, I totally thought the Astrid was Thor when I saw her icon


Shame about the defensive rider. I was hoping they would both be offensive. Regardless, they do at least look cool and I’m glad I get to pick up another rider this season that doesn’t require excessive grinding to level.


Right? Im really surprised she’s defensive


New game icon teases festive dragon? Doesnt look like any of the released three to me.


Valkyries are supposed to be offensive, not defensive lmao