Winterjól Season Wave 1 Official Discussion Thread


Probably gonna be changed later


Are we gonna get her portrait :heart_eyes: she looks wayyy nicer then current girl portrait!!!


I was wondering if Hildr’s summon was better than Kinnarus’ Dodo and I made some comparisons.

Damage done
Dodo : ?% hp
Summon : 2.75% hp

Heal /“protect”
Dodo : 33% hp
Summon : 40% hp

Rage generation
Dodo : 20%
Summon : 30%

So the Guardian is still better, but the (misleading) description for Hildr’s passive reads that :

“The Guardian will absorb 40% of all incoming damage and increase the Dragon’s rage generation by 30% while it is present.”

However on the Twitch stream it appears that this spell doesn’t absorb damage but heals back a bit of health… unless it does both protection and healing? Could we have more information about how the spell work please? Also why does it say “while it is present”? Can it disappear? Why does it have 500% dragon health if it can’t be targeted by towers? @Arelyna @PGPulse

See the blue health…

Anyway there’s a huge difference between a damage absorption and a get health back mechanism, so big that it means a koed Dragon or a flying dragon with 40% health left… and it is a disappointment to be misled by the spell description with that “protection” deception that actually heals afterwards (nowhere in the spell description) instead of a 40% permashield…


I will work on getting more information from the designers.


Now that’s just rude. Jk, just wanted to make a joke


That’s what happens,when you typing at 5:30 am :speak_no_evil::joy_cat:


plus only 13% tower attack? She’s a freaking Valkyrie. She should have had like 18% atk. This Valkyrie wont be riding into battle, at best she’ll be moseying along nonchalantly


The game icon was changed to Tarand from Winter 2016-2017. Personally my favorite part of the update.


I absolutely looooove this portrait
Love to be able to get shards more,but it makes me less salty
Gotta go sleep in peace now


Was thinking the same😅


Not sure if this was answered but will Snowblind disable the mage tower effects and freeze the projectiles that are going towards you?


sigh It’s a freeze, it stops projectiles but does not disable the towers, so no disabled mages.


I really hope you are wrong, but if you’re not, YAY, one less thing to get this season! Win for me!


Woo can’t even play the game because of sync error !! Fun times


Darn it


It is still good.


I hope so too but looking at their stats I’d say she is most likely the discount. Plus I dont really see them doing 2 defensive riders in a row for a mythic requirement

If so then I may not bother with her and get Graboid for his discounted stuff and his glyph


Can’t be sure, Nollaig freeze didnt stopped the projectile, unless you hit the said projectile with the flamethrower…!


GPF members who have playtested the dragons have said several times that it freezes projectiles. I don’t know how much clearer it could be.


Wait so the spell didn’t freeze until
The spell hit? Is that what you are saying?