Winterjól Season Wave 1 Official Discussion Thread


No they think Nollaigs breath attack was hitting the actual projectiles in the air and freezing them.


Exactly! When Nolllaig freeze a tower, it doesnt stop the projectile already fired from hitting you, unless, you dorectly hit the projectile itself


I’m new to the game, why is Astrid bad?


She’s not bad, she’s just nothing special. She’s pretty much the exact same as Tanok was and she’s worse than Pimp-hat was. They at least could have made her specialize in tower attack since Pimp-hat specilized in tower HP

For a cool looking Valkyrie she is kind of lame


I think she looks cooler than Tanok though :rofl:

Edit: though considering Meh is on my perch, it’d be kinda lame to have her standing next to that tubby beast :joy:


Makes sense, thank you.


Now Bjorn on the other hand looks very promising and he’s packing a breeding decent xp boost too

Also you just have to chuckle that these two made it into the game but the dragons didnt :chunk::axi:


:eyes: Wow. Accurate shooting! You must be very good flyer… :+1::ok_hand:


Did anybody see what element Bjorn has?


Riders dont have elements so no, we’d have no way of knowing what armor he’ll have but it’ll match one of the mythics, probably the mythic sorcerer if he’s the 2nd rider


Any idea when the season will become available?:grimacing: the suspense…


They said when pvp battles go live




Anyone got a duplicate portrait from a portrait that you already owned after PG took away the free Viking Scout portraits?


I’m lost… What is that Bjorn rider you talk about?


Gunnar, worth it the ammo runes ? @Lutrus


Pg accidentally released their riders prematurely


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Oh really? Do you or anyone knows where to find it?


they were in Unhired riders but they are gone now.