Winterjól Season Wave 1 Official Discussion Thread


Damn… I always like to peek on new stuff :rofl:


See how you like him before sticking anything on him, but yes, he appreciates ammo


ok thx, moreover, do u know if Snowblind add +150% dmg OR the total dmg under the spell will be 150% ?? i mean ?


It adds 150% for a total power of 250%. It was explained a few dozens messages above :wink:


I hope the PG will make a smart choice and put Ice Gears in the Bjorn branch.


Unless they massively change the gear it is worthless unless you dont have atlas.


Maybe I missed it somewhere, when is season lines coming online?


i have Atlas, but havent enoguh shards.
I have to upgrade a full set of Elite and Legendary gears.
Moreover, the gears in the branch are not so bad. I mean, full rider + his gears, usually add +53/54% HP and ATK.


When the PvP part of the event starts, according to the game in 8 minutes :timerbronze::timerbronze::timerbronze::timerbronze::timerbronze::timerbronze::timerbronze::timerbronze:.


Thank you sir :+1:


Please note that the riders players saw in the game are not finalized and will likely change. Please stay tuned for streams and blogs regarding these.


Make the fierce lady an offensive rider? :pray: We can only use so many defensive riders.


They should change if game moved forward in order to make us get them they should have better stats , especially the def rider that was mehh


Event live and… no seasonal dragons.


I honestly expected a bit more outrage on the forums by now :joy: they haven’t blown up nearly as much as I was expecting lmao


Same. For a second, I thought it was only on my end!


Maybe they’re getting those last-minute nerfs in. :eyes:


To be fair, they actually did do a last minute buff to the legendary sorcerer :eyes:


I’m outraging on the other thread for release notes. :stuck_out_tongue:


PG u suck cz u didin’t give us the dragons already !!!

Guys let’s boycott PG

Is that enough ? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

PS: just sarcasm in case