Winterjól Season Wave 1 Official Discussion Thread


Heard the mythic warrior was good, maybe they decided it was time for a Huitzal 2.0. :wink:

Anyway as much as I kid, where are my damn dragons? I’ve had enough of the suspense.


Guess they preapre a nerfzil 1.9.2 to go to nerfzil 2.0 :joy::joy::joy:


They are currently a bit delayed flying into the season. They should launch sometime before the Facebook Live Stream.


Can’t wait! Thanks for keeping us informed as usual, Arelyna :slightly_smiling_face:


You’re joking right?
How is it you were not prepared to launch at season start?
With how everything is rolled out, why haven’t you been testing stuff in time?
Everything is a delay or bugged, when you roll out an update, start acting like a real company please


(Jk thank you for the info.)


I reject your reality, and substitute my own: Season dragons are available now.

rocks back and forth slowly and drools


You’re killing me :rofl:


Has to wait until everyone gets the update, which means 24 hours after they released it.


May i ask why they are being delayed please?


Honestly it’s probably to avoid all the glitches that come with season/event start so they don’t have to deal with ten million tickets about the server resyncing and people losing all their sigils or chests or something.


Had they sent the update to apple in time, there wouldn’t have been any problems.
They already knew things might get delayed from past events with apple/app store, so they could’ve sent it in earlier, with a time release. There’s no excuse


They sent it in on Tuesday.


The token boost withdrawals are hitting me hard. Whenever a mission pops up and I see those low egg token amounts I start getting the shakes and want to cry.


Like I said, they should’ve sent it in earlier with a time release, apparently Tuesday isn’t fast enough


I hope your right.


Do you leave the night before for work so there’s no excuse? They submitted the build a day before they needed to and they got some push back from Apple and had to remove the custom daily pack feature from the update to get it accepted. Read the announcement thread to read more.

Calm down, wait or play the event for an hour and the drags will be there the rest of the season.


bUt My DrAgOnS

pG rUiNeD sEaSoN


We can agree to disagree.
Season start is a big deal for both players and PG, it should have priority.


If you complain too much they will go back to having breaks between seasons. I know it’s frustrating, but try to chill a bit. If it’s delayed another day I’ll complain with you.