Winterjól Season Wave 1 Official Discussion Thread


I disagree about you guys agreeing to disagree…


Are ppl really complaining about dragons not being released in the first few hours of the season? lmfaooo #FirstWorldProblems :joy:


When does the Facebook Live Stream start? Thx.


In 1 hour, 2 PST.


For me it’s not about the dragons, it’s about having the things running smoothly.
This is yet another update, where things went wrong. To me it looks like they never learn


Its a game man, relax. Always gonna be glitches here and there. Would be different if they never fixed them but they do. Patience


Winterjól is LIVE!


Sweet maybe i’ll get the warrior to add another onenof those glyph for Pathox :joy:


Thanks for the heads up @GalaadQF


My pleasure


Why does it say first page only? @Arelyna



Screenshot from the season announcement thread.


Check the prizes. See if they’re discounted on second page.


Uh oh! We’ll get that text fixed. From our end, looks like all the prizes are discounted on both pages.


Most likely. Anything that’s not officially available in the season right now is subject to change, so I wouldn’t look at these rider stats as official until the blog comes out on them. Also, see below on Arelyna’s post:

Updates that are delivered via the Apple and Google Play stores MUST go through Apple / Google respectively to be reviewed and approved, much like a patch or DLC to any console game (going through Sony / Microsoft). 4.92’s been in review for quite some time, and was only just released from review and approved for us to begin sending it out to players.

It most certainly does to us - we don’t have a say on Apple / Google’s timelines. This release was certainly abnormal in terms of how long it took for the review portion to be completed.


Really? Reading it’s spells it still looks like garbage. It’s best attack spell does 15% and fires 3 random shots.


The sorcerer is bae :heart_eyes:


I never said that it was amazing :rofl: The reason I’m going to get it is that I’m going after the warrior mythic. But they did do a last minute buff to the spells prior to release than what was officially announced.


Yeah I just checked it. It is still bad I think. Good luck getting UVS


Thanks. I’m hoping I make it. But two mythics in a row is going to be brutal :joy: