Winterjól Season Wave 1 Official Discussion Thread


Gunnar is good flying him already freezes projectiles on top of a steroid booster shot easy peasy.


Good to know. Thanks for the feed back
The doctor


Yet to compare with the previous season, but this prize along the branch is nice


Well a hunter with horrid cloak as the discount dragon. So that’s the entire season taken off events for me. Can’t even get the full discounted dragon last time so no chance getting a non discounted one close to my ordinary dragon teir.

Crazy the way the game has gone. From one season dragon to five and two pointless riders, and token bonus. When you can’t get one completed. Good luck to those that still find it worth any time now.


Ah grasshopper :cricket:

I’m almost done with Gunnar already. One teammate already finished Gunnar and token boost. No spending.

I’m sure there are players who already have UVS.



Huh? I was thrilled with the standard cloak.


Gunnar is good. I am a level 80 and only had him at orange and tested out a max tower leveled 200 base. Was able to freeze all 5 towers on the micro kill island without taking any damage. If my Gunnar was the appropriate tier for a 200 base I would have won easily by freezing all towers killing blue cloaking and then using freeze again to kill rest of the towers. Top it off with hunters mark on the monuments if you lose any health and you are golden.


I think the fact that we can’t go for the warrior dragon straight off a disgusting move on your part, this game which I have played for ages is becoming a game focused on people who spend big. Very disappointed :frowning: [quote=“Arelyna, post:1, topic:77756, full:true”]
Hey All!

Please bring any thoughts and questions regarding the launch of the Winterjól season to this thread.


Is this sarcasm? Because it’s the mythic. That’s kinda how it always is…


Actually better than last winter, when we need to complete 3 dragon branch for the mythic.


Though the bonus of having to complete 3 branches was that the mythic itself was a lot cheaper, and you got more goodies overall since 3 dragons + mythic instead of 2 + mythic.


I blocked that from my mind. It didn’t happen. Don’t inception it back in my head.


No such thing. There is awesome Cloak (blue), amazing cloak (white), funky cloak (flash), super fantastic cloak of the gods (timeshift)… never seen a horrid one.


Don’t forget forget the shadowy cloak(shadow dispersal)


What are you talking about? Blue cloak is a very good, balanced spell. It doesn’t need to be white in every iteration. Gunnar is a good discount dragon.


[Edit]: The hunter doesn’t have horrid cloak; it has cloak. It’s a basic skill for the hunter tool kit, and this is a basic hunter. Not all hunters should get white cloak. If they do, white cloak is no longer cool and impressive, it’s just expected.

I don’t understand. Based on what you’ve said (referencing the days when there was only one seasonal dragon), I’m assuming you’ve been around for a while. How is it you’re not completing at least one line per season?

Could it be because you’re taking off the entire season of events?

I have been getting at least 1 line completed every single full season I’ve played, some without really even trying.


Especially the discount line. If you can’t finish the discount line then you’re doing something horribly wrong in the events or skipping then entirely. Even as an E2P I also always finish the discount drag, egg token boost, and part of another line. If I save and plan for a season like last one, I’ll finish a mythic and egg token boost.


The little I’ve flown gunnar he seems amazing to me, but I like hunters, just need him to catch up on my current tier


Feel free to do the plat challenge if you haven’t leveled him up too much:


Yeah it stops projectiles and super shots