Winterjól Season Wave 1 Official Discussion Thread


What the hell why not just give your new dragons new names why backstop and rename something already named …wouldn’t it be easier to just give it a new name …:man_shrugging:


I was planning to get the Mythic Dragon but the problem is all spells cost 2 rage and has high cool down. If I go against 2 defenders I don’t think this mythic warrior dragon will kill anything.


I am pretty much wondering the same… spell too expensive, Rampage as way too high cooldown for a mythic dmg spell (and the only one that make him regen rage)…!

Pretty sure Nollaig is better then him…!


You accrue rage over the distance traveled in the teleport and rewind. And he was tested double defended :eyes:


Noll is not even close.


Here we go again,

It’s a pretty simple concept I thought: double defenders on a good base should make them nearly impossible


I decided to get him solely based on your opinion lutrus :joy: if i suck with him, I’m gonna blame you :speak_no_evil:


Where can we see the test? Cuz he doesnt seem realy good… no real high dmg… not much rage regen and insane cooldown


Rampage gives a pretty nice damage buff (will be even better after the spell change) and also gives 50% rage increase… riders and runes also help a lot, and he can dodge pretty much all mage shots


But many dragons doesnt care much about defenders… so yes, it matters!


Who doesn’t care about defenders? Maybe if you’re flying against towers lower tier than your dragon, but equal footing should always be a challenge


Can’t see the test for competitive and NDA reasons. This dragon rewards proper planning, anticipation of defenders actions, and timely execution. I would say the majority of flyers are going to rely on brute force, while a small population will figure out its nuances and make it dance.
It’s really nice to see a non-binary warrior in the game.


Just curious. What happens if he teleports and the duration expires?
Automatic recast (teleport back) or continue?


Is this the new direction for the future warriors? That is are we going to see more nonlinear warriors in the future.


If it expires without rewinding then he just continues on as normal


He has no way of knowing things that aren’t designed yet


Pathox is pretty much a beast againt his tier towers…! An he can even take higher then him!


Indeed but only too a point. Path hits a wall. In my case 70’s he is fine… 72’s… grrr I hate being level caped!!


My fomhar struggle


Lvl 70, you prolly dont even have all his spells :joy: