Winterjól Season Wave 1 Official Discussion Thread


Tower lvls… not player level :rofl:


Think old Urd. I have an Urdor now… (think that’s what they changed it to. Hodor without the hold.)


I can’t seem to find an explanation why the seasonal lines went up 3,000 sigils from last season (didn’t they?)

I thought I read that a new tier was coming (ugh from my view) but I only see Van stone so was seeking clarification.

I searched a bit but found nothing other than people noticing the increase.


the mythic got an increase due to the new EMPYREAN TIER , which sounds normal tbh


Where did you hear this tier name btw?


Ok, but if that’s true then why wouldn’t gunnar and other have the new stones or not see the increase?


its always that way. every other season we get a new tier and in that tier the mythic has the new tiers stone (but only legendary) while the others are mythic strength… all the dragons this season are mythic vanguards in terms of strength.


Last seasons lines were 31k and the uproar was then. This season’s are the same as last season’s.


I thought it was the Unobtanium Tier.


Can be also Stratosferic Tier
(with Dragons using space helmets and low gravity skillz)





Correct. They increase the seasonal lines whenever they add a new tier that affects the legendaries. So they didn’t increase it between Fall and Winter 2017, but they did in Spring. Then they didn’t again in Summer 2018, but did in Fall 2018. They haven’t this season, but - based only on past precedent - expect a bump in Spring.

And there should be pitchforks and torches at that point, btw. Increasing the cost of virtual goods as a byproduct of releasing more shit is just shady practice. “We’re giving you this new stone, which many of you won’t ever use, but we’re going to charge 10% more for the dragon because of it”.


I guess I got confused seeing this that seems to say it was 28k this past season

Then this that says 31k and the mythics are both 25.5

This past season is the only mythic I ever tried to go for so I must have never noticed it.


Interesting, well it was 31k as the second pic of the stream post reveals:

@TheRedDelilah @mechengg update the website please? :pray:t3:



Yeah, I will fix that


It’s not critical by any stretch, a team mate asked and I went out to find the info myself. So basically nothing’s changed since last season except the mythic will eventually have a sigil cost for the missing prizes at the end?



Any thought about where this stone is gonna go? Making a third page to claim prizes or taking away another prize to make room for another stone… yet again??


Look at the mythic (that’s locked. There are question marks at the end. Those will change is my guess.



And (based entirely on past precedent and on no insider information on my part) next season, the lines will be modified to accommodate the new stone - however that comes to pass.