Winterjól Season Wave 1 Official Discussion Thread


I think PG just wants a year of Seasonal Mythic Warriors. Huitzil, Aristrat, UVS, and in the Spring we’ll get Chonk. Chunks lesser-known doppelganger.


Okay is it a dumb idea of me to be planning for the mythic sorcerer already😂


word on the street is that the new tier is called the Sparkle Tier and all the dragons will have shiny or rainbow effects like Kirin and Axi

It will introduce a new dragon rarity known as Omega and the Omega of the Sparkle tier will be Chunker, a hunter version of chunk that changes color every time you fire an attack. It will have a new attack that will be used against defenders rather than the base.

AHHHHHHH!!! - white - 4 rage

This spell maxes out the brightness setting on any defender’s devices and releases a blinding white light, searing the eyeballs of anyone who dares to defend against this dragon. Towers are also blinded and begin firing in random locations for 20 seconds


Why is this a bad thing?


PG needs to make a dragon that utilize the forgotten spells such as evasion, elemental mayhem, self destruct, and ballista resist.


I didn’t say it was


So basically you want irrelevant dragons who are useless at their relative tier? Good news, every lineage dragon below Vanguard meets your needs perfectly.


@mechengg this is on UvS description on dragon manager site already plus one of my friends who maxed it o vanguard got the requirement to breed an empyrean legendary dragon to level uvs further


Did the data consumption increase with latest release? My data usage last 3 weeks was 2Gb.


Data useage get get way out of whack when new releases are out… that’s why I have “use data” disabled on my phone for this app… Then again my main is on my iPad which doesn’t have a data plan in the first place :joy:


I think this is an official “Oops” moment?


That awkward moment where your player base actively data mines your game and so totally reveals the hidden secret you’ve been trying to keep under wraps, but it was in the game data files so of course they found out :sweat_smile:


but you didn’t have to date mine, you just needed to

That :point_up_2: :grin:


:eyes: I’m a 228 player with obsidians… how am I supposed to max out a vanguard dragon? :rofl:


Not just any vanguard. Only UVS. So you gotta:

  • Get gunnar
  • Get the other one that everyone has forgotten about already
  • Get UVS
  • Level UVS to max Vanguard

Just to see this secret.

Or, you can look on dragon-manager… :rofl:


I can’t max vanguards either :joy: I’m 342


lol Vanguards… we can’t even max the Harbs lol


Speak for yourself… I can’t even max my obsidians :rofl:


I maxed a gold dragon one time…:thinking::roll_eyes:


You guys don’t max every single dragon you breed?