Winterjól Season Wave 1 Official Discussion Thread


Just during feeding events :joy:


Not anymore. I hated leveling Ursa and simply benched him and gave up. Maybe he will reach expert while sitting on a perch someday :slightly_smiling_face:


When is usually 3rd week’s rider preview happening?


In about…42 minutes. :wink:


8 more minutes :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:


Might be a bit delayed today - probably starting around 3:10 PT!


PG being sneaky and switching up the riders on us. Glad Bjorn ended up being the defensive though, he fits it much better than a Valkyrie.

I just hope his skills are also changed. Maybe make him stand out with a construction time skill to match the defender rider or something


I have zero interest in any of these dragons. I’ll go for the egg boost, though I have nothing to breed, and maybe get another rider to add to the 10 others standing around collecting dust.


Out of curiosity: Why? What are they lacking, from your perspective?


I have expert Itzani and Pathox so I’m not interested in the hunter. I have Jorm-his-face (that one is hard to spell) almost to expert so not interested in the sorcerer. I have expert warrior in Oni so not jazzed about the warrior, that I have to go through the other two to get. Just waiting for next lineage tier to drop, which will have dragons as strong if not stronger than these. My personal feeling is these are fillers and a waste of time and resources to grind.


I’m not sure why you wouldn’t go after the hunter during discount simply to get the other goodies in his line. That seems like the smart thing to do…


Why spend on a dragon I’m not interested in flying?


Yeah, see, I totally understand it from that perspective. I’ve been wondering about this for a few months now. If you’re at the point where you have all of the top-tier lineage dragons (which are not shit, as previous lineage mythics have tended to be), I have a hard time justifying spending (either time or money) in order to get the seasonals. If I had Itzani, I don’t think I’d have gone for Pathox. I don’t think Aristrat or Huitzil compares to Oni (although I do think that the Norns are worth it over Oni, if only because UVS is super cool). Also keep in mind that UVS will evolve to the next tier, so :man_shrugging:

So I guess what I should be asking is - what would it take to get someone in your position excited about seasonal dragons?


To be honest, I’m not sure. It may just be that I have been playing too long. It seems that the dragons being rolled out are basically the same dragons over and over with renamed spells that only make runes obsolete. Fundamentally, what is the difference between Noctua and Fohmar?


Noc is a vine and hide dragon, fom is a can’t touch this/turn based into swisscheese dragon.
Noc is reliant on lots of rage and disabling towers and also being able to withstand a hit, fom is limited by his dps.

Gunnar does have an advantage that pathox lacks and that’s the do damage and move on ability. Pathox is largely binary and if it can’t kill every tower before it runs out of rage it goes splat. Gunnar on the same base is pretty much guaranteed to kill at least 3 towers before moving on with full health/healed back health.

Totally understand difference in styles though, and if it’s not your style, I’m not gonna convince you otherwise.
Just saying no other hunter has been able to freeze shots with their breath before, so that’s new.


I’ve been practising if I can leave two of the front 3 behind. Timing seems to work but need lots of things to go your way. Anyway just a way to counter hammer spam.


I do not like cloak, white or blue, never have, I know others do to the point of obsession.

Well the lines got ever longer with more stones I guess. Plus I dont spend. Used to get one dragon with some effort, game is just not worth it any more. Sick of the ‘additions’. Last season was first I really just stopped wasting my time on it. Never made more than one drag though.


Just complete one then (said by fellow f2p player)


I assume do like Sorcs and warriors though?


Static Blast duration will be increased from 3s → 3.5s @Arelyna
Was better to decrease the cooldown. 6seconds are too many, too many…