Wintertide dragon advice needed

Hello fellas, I need a piece of advice from you!

So I started the game late November, so it was too late for me to get any Fall dragon (managed to get Anuba to green tier due to discounts), plus, I didn’t really understand the branch back then. Anyway, when Wintertide hit in, as every newbie, I went for Leos as he was cheaper. At the moment I am at his Platinum stone (ish, few rewards earlier but can’t check now since event is not up yet). Recently, I read how most, if not all, warriors suck hard at later levels and are rather useless. I’ve also seen an announcement about upcoming balance that should help warriors a bit.

So here is my issue: I don’t know if I should switch to Avyx (I also like its design a lot :<) after I get Leos platinum stone, or it’s better to keep with Leos till the end anyway. I am ready to spend $$$ if needed, on sigils chest, to finish one branch. I am not sure how much rubies would it take, I assume more than 40k I have hoarded.

I am level 50 at the moment. I also have a great team with Atlas access, if that makes any difference for this choice.

Thanks a ton for any opinion you may post! And happy new year everyone!

Since this is your first season that you are playing (fully), I’d suggest you get all dragons to a certain stone and experience playing all of them. If you do decide to finish the whole line for Leos you will never use the obsidian Leos. (Will take you a year or two at least if you spend, to get to obsidian). Once you do get there there will be 4 more tiers out past obsidian so you Leos will be useless even more.

My suggestion would be get all dragons to like a gold or green store, experience playing all of them and then maybe next season you can focus only on 1 line or whatever dragon you like.


Welcome to the game and to the forums!
Just to start off, red has a great season planning post that you will want to read:

To answer your question based on the above post, you would fall in the green to sapphire category and would only want to get a divine 2-3 tiers above your current teir, which means platinum or sapphire (if you really like the dragon).
So as far as game plan goes, go ahead and get Leos to plat stone. It’s unfortunate you missed out on the rider, as she was on discount and is very useful for leveling dragon’s up.
After you get Leos’ plat stone, wait till the hidden warrior comes out (Jan 10). Then you can make an educated decision on which drag to get. The best drag to get might still be avyx, but you will have waited and made an educated decision.
Be on the lookout for the second rider, as he/she might be on discount as well and might be worth getting, as rider’s can be transferred to different dragons and thus in a sense, last forever, while these season drags will be replaced in 1-2 seasons.
You said you are willing to spend a little, so it might be worth getting equestor or the warrior if it’s good after you get avyx to plat-saph stone.

I think that’s everything to say about the next steps in this season for your situation. I have to say to please follow a breeding path to make the most effective use of your tokens, and keep your base very short (no more than 10 attack buildings) to be able to have a defendable base :slight_smile: oh and ballistas are bad, trebs are replaced by dark flaks so don’t build them, and don’t build lightnings as one forged resist (lightning resist) can take away 50% of your base’s attack power. Sorry to kinda throwing seemingly random pieces of advice at you, but they’re all important.

Let me know if you have any additional questions!


Thanks to both of you for the advice! :slight_smile:

At the moment, which of the three seems the best choice? I noticed both Equestor and Avyx seem to be better than Leos in general.

Then again, I watched some videos on both and Equestor seems easier to manage. For Avyx - - I am wondering how can someone manage to tap 3 targets with 3 fingers AND the Talon Frenzy skill at the same time. Cant imagine how much gymnastic would it take me, Im playing on fairly big screen (iPad).

No worries, I am glad to hear any advices, I also plan to change my base a bit with today’s fortification - got few thousands of shards waiting to be spent :slight_smile:

Tap spells with your left hand, tap towers with your right hand. Or press it slightly before you tap the towers.

Equestor takes less skill to play, but has less out play capacity. Avyx is a hunter which means he can kill towers before they get a shot off and/or kill towers before they get healed: both amplified by the frenzy spell. He also has cloak which means he can avoid damage, dodge mage shots, and generally out play defenders. He also has healing mark which just adds to his high survivalability. Green/gold tier is right where the power shifts from warriors to hunters and honestly avyx is a great dragon to learn the fundamentals of hunters.

That being said, players around your level have underdeveloped and/or poorly designed bases, which is Eq’s cup of tea and it will make him feel OP. Please note that avyx will also make short work of these bases.

I think it’s very obvious to see my bias on which one I prefer, but I tried to give an objective evaluation based on what you might experience.

I have avyx and he is pretty awesome around level 50. My main has Leos and is in high gold tier, ready to go platinum this week.

I got Leos as a sweeper for when a hunter cleans mages. My main has borgian and necryx along with Rizar, and also Kinnarus.

On my main I got 3 dragons to green the first season I played, and I wish I had done 2 to gold instead. Level 84 and having gold legendaries the game changes a lot. Divine dragons go from about 300k attack to something around 700k attack if you have the gold stone. So, my recommendation for you is to get 2 or 3 dragons to gold stone if you can manage that.

I would highly recommend Avyx, and learn how to fly a hunter. Red has some youtube videos on how to fly hunters well, especially a cloak hunter to dodge red supershots and I use cloak a lot to dodge fire turrets, but it may also be a good idea to wait until the 10th to see what the main line warrior ends up being.

Hunters are the most fun IMO. I am not a fan of having steal essence/extract essence on a dragon with a summoned in front as you don’t get to choose what spell you have as much as on a proper hunter.

So here is my three cents. I would generally pick a dragon and go as far as you can go so that it lasts you the longest and so that you take advantage of the other prizes that get better the higher you progress in the branch (gold chests, tokens, etc).

I personally would rather have one dragon that lasts me than two or more that don’t really last. My first season I went for Ebon, Nightshade and Skarr which none lasted me very long.

Ideally next season you will go for the token boost first, then get advice one what single dragon (or rider) you should go for.

Welcome and have fun!

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Not all of them though this is not really relevant here. Fall 2016 Divine like Skarr go straight from 300k to 3M power after their Gold evolution in a few levels if you had stored enough xp. Were you talking about the moment they up to gold tier so just 1 level?

I was going off the tables on amoeba, but when my main hit 84 it seemed to go from about 300k to 1.5M unboosted just from level 83 to 84. By the top of gold tier they are about 3M unless serious runes or riders.

If you don’t count riders my divines that are den capped at lvl 84 are 1.0m-1.1m…kinn has a lot of runes and is 1.3m. The initial jump to gold stone wasn’t a big jump in itself, but the next 2 levels up were big gains (for me).

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At your level, there will be more dragons to come, better, stronger etc. I am a sorcerer/hunter guy who doesn’t dislike warriors. Especially this half priced warrior, called Leos :joy::joy:. Leos can do some real damage on high bases, even when defended, so… my advise to you is the following: stick to Leos line, he’ll be good for a long time. Especially now, when PG will rebalance Fire and Flak which are the two resists Leos has.

P.S. And the hunter/sorcerer of this season are not something to rave about. They are good, but there are “tier” dragons better than them.


Double lol

Level 20 avyx can get 72% on the 312 base. And max level avyx’s are used as leads and finishers in diamond wars.

I agree with what you said earlier, there will be better dragons later on, so sticking to 2-3 tiers above her current tier is most advisable on the current season drags.

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@Lutrus, Let’s agree to disagree about Leos and move on.
Avyx on a defended base dies instantly, especiay If the base has a minions island to suck his rage out. One kick from a Flak and he’s half dead. Second hit puts him to bed. Especially in this times, when people have high level Flak towers in front of the first island.

As for your double lol, Xenot is better than Avyx, and Rhyo is better than Equestor. You should notice I didn’t mention Noctua.

But again, the OP asked for an advise, I gave him/her the best I see for his/hers level.

:rofl::rofl::rofl: oh man, I’m sorry, that’s funny stuff right there.

He has cloak! He doesn’t get hit by mage islands! If you haven’t figured how to do it, @xXxAirForcexXx has a great video on it in his hauheset 101 post.

Kill flak on turn. Heck kill blue and flak from turn. Level 20 avyx can kill 41 towers surprisingly quickly, iirc, 60 towers take 2-3 taps with frenzy.

Seriously, avyx is spectacular, that’s okay if you don’t see that, but it doesn’t change that fact.

Here’s the vid I was talking about:

Thank you ! I see he put a canon resist on it, which is not a bad thing being that Avyx has no shield. This way he could temper his run and let Avyx gather some rage. A job well done ! :+1:

Do you think upcoming balance changes won’t help warriors too much anyway?

The only strong hunter I had was Ember and I learned about multi tap thing just recently (lol me ;<). I also dont feel I need to do any tactical moves at my level, which I think may have an impact on later level bases. Then again, I am constantly reading comments in Announcements section where people argue over Avyx being good. Some say he dies very quickly to defended base, some say otherwise. To be honest, I also never know how to handle islands where are red and blue mages. Without white spell I wont do much, right?

I think PG is serious about improving their validity. I think moonfang was a direct result of this (after increased levels)

Will they succeed is a good question. If you look at the last few warriors and the obsidian warriors you will see a similar pattern of experimenting with passive skills to boost attack. I don’t have any high enough to say for sure but I’m getting close on moonfang and he seems very powerful.

For me, its hard to tell as on level I am right now (50) everything Divine seems OP. I dont think my Leos ever died and he could solo bases 10+ levels above me. I also kind of like warriors, especially Gladicus design (I hope he doesnt look crap in game, will see in few days I guess). Then again, not getting Avyx in favor of another warrior seems a bad decision…

reading this also helped me with my decisions. i really tought finishing leos branch would be helpfull in the future as leos evolved. thanks a lot. maybe for the next season we at lvl 50 can focus on 1 branch of dragon.