Wintertide Season - Legendary Warrior and Mythic Hunter Preview

Which dragon will be your next go-to from the Tempest Collection?

Two additional dragons are making their way to the Wintertide season very soon! Look out for the Legendary Warrior in the fifth branch, and the Mythic Hunter that will be contained in the sixth branch in the Seasons Prizes tab.

The Mythic Hunter branch may be unlocked by obtaining all evolution stones for the following Tempest Collection Dragons: Avyx, Equestor, and Gladicus (who you’ll meet below!).

Great Myrmidon

“Impervious to every conceivable onslaught.”

As a true champion, Gladicus is an impenetrable fortress. He wins through sheer attrition; his thick armor shrugs off even the mightiest blows, while his ashen breath saps the strength of his opponent. At the end of the battle, Gladicus is always left standing.

Class: Warrior

Rarity: Legendary

Element: Earth

Champion of the Sea

“All at sea bow to the will of the champion of the ocean.”

The Isle of the Ancients rising from the depths of the sea signals a new Gladiatorial Games; as the lord of the sea itself, Neptus has remained undefeated in every arena bout thus far. His command over the ocean allows him to produce jets of seawater so powerful that they pierce steel plates and dragon scales alike.

Class: Hunter

Rarity: Mythic

Element: Ice

More information about these Tempest Dragons, including spell sets and stats, will be available early next week! Keep an eye on our social channels (FB, IG, and Twitter) as well as the forums in the coming days.


Avatars? Any new ones?

“His ashen breath saps the strength of his opponent.”

Please, not another Drakius…!


:thinking: wonder if Neptus will have water effects like Nier

Adaptive resist and a poison breath spin on the war? (:scream:) considering that Ashen Breath is on Merkt
Then, for the hunter, maybe a spin on healing mark/galvanic overload or intimidating roar?

Boom baby!!! Bring them on!!!

Wallet is already screaming… they look good PG!

Do we know the spells yet?

He may be like Gloomclaw. Which wasn’t that bad.

So will the mythic have a evolution stone for the next tier after obsidian? @Arelyna

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Just tell us the spells already. I couldn’t care less about their lore or how they look


i do not care how du u call them or how they look.
only the spells are important to me.

I‘m wondering why PG stopped offering a unique portrait for the mythic and if they bring it back this time?


I think you misspelled Gladiolus… If I get him that’s what I will name him :rofl:


I love Gladiolus. They are so fun to photograph.

Totally off topic, though. :joy:


I knew it was off-topic, but I couldn’t resist. My brain could only see Galdio when looking at Galdicus :joy:

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Good question

I really hope that the spells are great, specially from warrior, which are always behind other types…
What i miss is as before that the spells are said with the dragon…

That way we would have time to analyze tactics and sort of spell… of course if it is or seems useless we could speak about aswell…

Actually its all to hidden until last moment, and thats bad

By the way, I am really missing the bits of information about the max base power of a Dragon at each stage of their evolution stones. The new UI is clean and easy to use, but it’s lacking a few tweaks…

  • When you have finished the whole first page of a Dragon/rider/bonus line, it would be nice if we were redirected to the second page automatically when we try to claim prizes or check our progression (low priority)

  • We used to have information about the max power of a Dragon at such or such tier(before runes or research). There’s nothing like this anymore and it’s a great loss if you only play ingame without looking for information outside of the game.

Before :

After :

I think it’s really useful information here, and there’s plenty of room to add this bit of info.

@PGJared @PGEggToken

Thank you in advance.

  • When you claim one item after the other by pressing the arrow to the right to go to the next prize, it will take you to the prizes of the next page AFAIK.

  • Agreed that the max power should be stated somewhere since they started changing it quite regularly now (legendaries with mythic power or dragons growing in power like Anuba)


Gladiola looks ridiculous with that armor and that plume. And I can’t help but be skeptical of the “impervious” claim.

Knowing the spells would help. You folks obviously know them. Why are you teasing us and making us wait?

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