Wintertide Season - Legendary Warrior and Mythic Hunter Preview


If the leaked data is accurate, thinking of this as umbral spike or uproot is not entirely accurate.

The damage multiplier indicated in that information is much smaller than the previous two spells. So even if it is the same, it is not really the same until much higher levels.

A cloak with damage may sound cool, but unless that damage, as many have already said, do not remove any tower disabling spells already in place, it will just lead to an early death of your dragon.

And no white spell on a. MYTHIC divine dragon?! A dragon that will cost, at a minimum, 77k sigils (about 3080 gold chests or 90 Super Sigil chests–just for reference… That’s assuming no other source of sigils). That’s an insult to all players, free or paying.

Remember Skarr? Let me show you why you miss him. (Need a few minutes).


@Galaad360 I agree -
Went from spending hundreds, to nothing.

To each their own - but I won’t spend another dime :woman_shrugging:t2:


STANDING OVATION :raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2:


Everything costs the same/slightly less as last season (25k sigils per line, egg token was less than Last season).
I will agree though, dragons (except for avyx) are kinda meh, and epic and legendary runes with boss secondary bonus’s, no glyph’s and decreased dust payout is disappointing icing on top.


@Lutrus - they do not. But ok.

This season is higher. I have seen the numbers. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Which numbers are you seeing?


Silver lining: The decision for how to spend my sigils is an easy one this season. No second guesses or worrying if I made the right choice. Yay for that?


@Lutrus actual season cost broken down between FALL and WINTER

Winter - higher. For crappier prizes/dragons


To be honest. Compared to Merkt and moofang, this mythic hunter not looks that bad.
And if the first skill is rely on “dragon power”, is that means 30% att + 30% def + rider + full set of rider armors will double/triple its damage? (For big spenders)
People might expect too much for a “good hunter” superior or as awesome as necryx and noctua.


Mind posting those numbers?
This is where I’m getting my info:


I’m going with the “no season dragons for me” approach. I’ll probably get both pages of the rider and then pick a random line to use up my all my remaining Sigils. Yeah, I’ll technically get a dragon or two but you can bet that I won’t spend the time or energy leveling them up.


We had mythics with Death Gaze (Dima), Crumble (Hau), Shatter Shard (Icicle/Morph), Enfeeble (Morph), …

What do those skills have in common? Their effect will always kill towers, no matter if lvl1 or lvl60 towers. They are WORTHWHILE.

PG is changing all spells (Galvanic Overload, Tidal Surge) to do % damage which means your dragon won‘t be able to even kill higher towers and farms once they release higher levels so your return on invest is getting worse with every dragon they release.


@Lutrus I saved the numbers I was shown - but bc this is a watched forum and people have gotten banned for trying to bring things to the light, I will refrain from posting them.

If you’d like to mail me - I’d be more than happy to share.


How to fix this @pgjared
Change tidal surge to white, change riptide to cloak


Still shit if the colldown of Tidal Surge is so long you could cross a whole long island waiting for it.


Corrosive brine can make up for it, the damage from that is considerable assuming it’s multiplicative


Noct is a line dragon and Necryx was half price. So why would anybody pay more for a less superior dragon?


The cost is the same for 25000 sigils per branch. I calculated it since the beginning of season





The costs are the same (so far) as last season.

The rewards are less.

Here’s why you miss Skarr:

His actual power and his projected power if he followed the same curve as Leos(the curve they follow is important, which the final image will make clear:

But OMG, if he’d stayed on his own curve:

Yeah. OP much?

But we loved him (and hated him, since.he was a double-edged sword).

Anyway… Seasonal ain’t what they used to be, except when, it would seem, they accidentally make a good dragon.

Leos lvling doesnt sync with all other dragons
New Season Devine Stones